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Dare To Live!

Discover Yourself

Discover Your Life Mission

Awaken Your Inner Genius

Life-Business Synergy

Eternal Youth


Choose Love

All-Inclusive Love  >>  About Love in 1 Minute

Happiness 360

Love Kosages    Love Photograms


You Are What You Think

Breakthrough Thinker

6 Mindsets of a Great Achiever

Burning Belief

Breakthrough FICAP Attitudes

Kore 5 Affirmations

50 Positive Affirmations

Happiness Is a Two-Way Road


The Wheel of Personal Success

Discover Your True Passion

The Virtuous Circle of Success

Self-Reciprocity Laws

10 Tips for Winning in Life and Business

Lexicon of Winners and Losers

6W Self-Coaching Questions

Great Habits  >>  Make New Habits Stick


Knowledge, Wisdom, Enlightenment

Awaken Your Inner Genius

Learn Forward

Gaining Knowledge

Extraordinary Thinker

Thought Leader

Comprehension: 3 Levels  >>  Trust Your First Thought

Wise Listening: 3 Levels  >>  Listen to the Universe

Awaken Your Subconscious Power

Intuition: 2 Levels

Positive Thinking DOs and DON'Ts



Loving Relationships

Surround Yourself with Right People

Communication GEM

Presentation that Inspires Change

Impactful Presenter

Personal Brand

How To Become a Famous Artist

Be Witty





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Creative Achiever

Be a Loving Creator  >>  Change the World

BE MAD  >>  MAD song

Be Different and Think Differently

Dream Big Dreams  >>  Turn Your Dream To Reality

Motivate Yourself  >>  Burning Desire

Stretch Yourself    Be Energized ‒ Always!

Strategic Achiever    COCA Principle of Achievement


The Magic of Action    Take Initiative

Failures: Prevent of Benefit

Practice Power

Work Smart and Hard

7 Paradoxical Rules of True Success


Great Habits

Great Innovator: 8 Winning Habits

Look for Opportunities Everywhere ‒ Always!


How To Make New Habits Stick


Smart & Fast Thinker


Strategic Thinking: 7 Principles

Ideate on Autopilot

Open-minded Attitude

Stay Focused

Smart & Fast Decision Maker




Uncreative Person: Top 10 Lack-ofs

2 Creativity Catalysts

3 Levels of Your Creativity

Creativity Perpetuum Mobile

Creative Dissatisfaction

Challenge Assumptions

3Bs of Strategic Creativity

Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools

SPIN ‒ Spiral Integration of Ideas

Make Creativity a Habit


How To Succeed Online

Customer-focused Website

How To Promote Your Website

Online Presentations

10 Success Lessons from e-Coach

The Synergistic Team of CimJoy Founders


6+6 Engines of an Entrepreneur

Innovation Is Love

Entrepreneurial Vision

Disruptive Innopreneur

Proactive Innovation

Internet Entrepreneur

From Idea to Customer Success

3 Creativities of an Innovator

Entrepreneurial Creativity: 4 Steps

Social Entrepreneurship in Asia


Solo Interpreneur

How Much You Can Earn Online from Ads


Discover Business Opportunities

Market Opportunities


Innopreneurial Games


Learning Benefits    Strengthen Your Venture

Innoball Ideation Process >> 2 Phases

Innovation Chess

Innompic Games


Successful Business

7 Routes To High Profits

Strategic Business Success

Happy Business

Passionate Team

Love Your Customers

High-Growth Business Development

3 Levels of Radical Innovation

Creating Customers

Customer Value Creation

Value Innovation  >>  Invent a Great Product

9 Strategic Questions for Customer Success

High-Performing CULTURE

Winning Corporate Culture

Change Management: 3 Levels

Strategic Flexibility

ICT for Sustainable Development


Virtuoso Marketing

White Marketing

Differentiation Strategies

Contextual Value Proposition

Empathetic Marketing

ICT-powered Marketing

Internet Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM)  >>  KoRe 10 Tips

Content Marketing  >>  Attractive Headlines


ICT for SMEs

CRM Implementation




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