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The only three things you need to change the world are
Passion and Action.

 See yourself as a visionary leader,
and your vision will lead you


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What can you do with one hand?

What can you do with two hands? Twice as much? No! You can do much, much more! You can do absolutely new things, for example, play the violin. That's synergy!



Kore 10 Tips for Serendipity

  • Develop a subconscious  ability and habit to connect randomly picked things, solutions, words, thoughts or ideas in an unusual, meaningful and synergistic way... More

Synergy in business is the benefit derived from combining two or more elements (or businesses) so that the performance of the combination is higher than that of the sum of the individual elements (or businesses).






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Synergy of our two breakthrough innovationse-Coach and Cimcoin
is the foundation for a new amazing e-World we are creating

Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools help individuals and innovation teams invent new things and create synergistic solutions

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