Regardless of how much you achieved, you can achieve millions times more!


The most important and exciting news
are not in the outside world, they are inside you. 

Stretch your goals,
and your goals will stretch you.

Do something impossible
to discover your inner power and spread your wings!

If you really want something,
you'll find amazing ways to achieve it. 


Think big to grow big. Vadim Kotelnikov selfiegram

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 Keys to Stretching Yourself


Life is not a dash between the dates of birth and death; it is an endless chain of wonders if you've discovered your life mission and pursue it passionately >>>

Awaken your inner genius! There are no non-genius people, there are dormant genii. Wake up! Stretch your dreams, and your dreams will stretch you.

Choose love ‒ without love you can move, but not progress.

Discover your life mission Ė you were born to do what you love to do! Yes, thatís right: you donít choose your life mission and your true passion Ė they chose you. You must discover and pursue them if you want to live a loveful, happy, joyful, and fulfilling life.  >>>



Motivate yourself! The greatest performers are not those who are skilled best, but those who are motivated most >>>


BE MADBe Entrepreneurial And Make a Difference!

Be a Victor!. Losers approach possible a impossible; Winners approach impossible as possible. Build a Can-Do attitude.

Set a narrow goal, and you'll reach the ceiling.
Dream big dreams, and you'll reach the stars.

The bigger your dreams the bigger your life tree. If you dream small dreams you voluntarily put your unlimited creativity and power in a confined prison cell. Dream big dreams and follow your true passion if you want to grow, blossom, and create great value for others and yourself. Wealth will follow as wealth is just a measure of the value you create for others.

When you are about to reach a desired goal, set a higher goal and create a higher desire in order to stay energized and keep stretching yourself.  >>>

7 Paradoxical Rules of True Success

Listen to discover! Discover new insights, discover other people, discover yourself, discover your Way. Listen wisely: listen to others; listen to yourself; listen to the Universe.

If you want to get wiser, close your eyes and quiet your mind.  >>>