Personal Logo is far better than an avatar

Personal Brand: Why a personal logo is better than an avatar
Comparison table
Aavatar looks like a me-too image - does not differentiate you, skin-deep; good for fun and e-communication in small groups
Makes deep messages look shallow.
short lived

not suitable  for use as a tiny icon
personal logo can reflect your life mission, can be used as a signature, good for e-communication everywhere
Can draw attention to trademark concepts and deep thoughts

suitable for use as a tiny icon


Coaching by Example: Some Elements of My Personal Brand




I designed => my personal logo Vadim Kotelnikov icon which I use to sign my slides, kosages and photograms.

My personal e-Coaching slogan:
'I don't teach, I inspire!"

KoRe stands for 'Kotelnikov's Recipe'
=>  KoRe Dictionary / 10 KITT / KoRe 10 Tips

Photograms and selfiegrams are my trademark message carriers.

Vadim Kotelnikov quotes make our planet a better placed


Personal Logo, personal brand attributes, Dennis Kotelnikov

Personal Brand of my son
Dennis Kotelnikov

This photogram features my son Dennis Kotelnikov and his personal logo. Dennis is also a frequent model for KoRe photograms and emfographic slides because having a well known face is vital for a professional actor.

Dennis Kotelnikov Vadim quote life passion acting artist