I used to work as a ① traditional project manager, then grew into an intrapreneurial project leader, and then i grew into a World-changing innovator.

I loved my early jobs, but I they allowed me to grow as a creative achiever up to a certain ceiling only. Having reached a ceiling, I moved to the next level.

Fortunately, the 'job' of a World-changing innovator has not ceiling, so it is my permanent 'job' now.


Managers succeed by

Innovators succeed by

Serving existing customers

Creating new customers

Following rules

Breaking rules

Implementing projects

Nurturing projects


Innovation Management

To prepare a business case for an innovation project, you must synergize the mindsets of an innovator and a manager.

To manage an innovation project successfully, you must synergize the roles of an innovator, entrepreneur, leader and manager.





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KoRe 3 Roles of a Disruptive Innopreneur

  Descreator – destroying something old and creating something new instead.

  Syntegratorsynergizing and integrating diverse ideas and elements to shape innovative and highly valuable outcomes.

  Archibuilder – envisions, designs and builds innovative business models from the ground up.






  Great Innovator


 Discover and pursue your true passion that is well in line with your personal interest, then it never seems like work.


Disruption is about rejecting the way things used to be, envisioning a brighter future, trusting your intuition and taking those first risky step towards creating radically innovative value.

6+6 Engines of an Entrepreneur

Specific Skills

Spotting opportunities, inventing, improvising and discovering involves creative dissatisfaction and a substantially different way of thinking and acting than what is required for sound execution in a lifestyle business.

Understanding these disruptive ways of thinking, seeing and acting as a Descreator, Syntegrator and Archibuilder helps to unravel the mystery of spotting breakthrough ideas and becoming a disruptive innopreneur.

To be a disruptive innopreneur you must see what others don’t. To create something new, you must start with challenging assumptions and destroying something old – old habits, perceptions, mindset, approaches, patterns, practices or structures. You must augment your entrepreneurial sensibility and alertness to be able to uncover market discrepancies that can be exploited for financial gain, and pursue these opportunities.

Revenue Model

The bigger market you disrupt the more revenue you generate. Yes, it’s difficult to disrupt and monetize at the same time, but if you shake an industry up, disrupt a really big market, ultimately really big business will follow...  >>>

Sell Benefits

Entrepreneurial Vision

Do you have a vision? You need an enduring one to motivate and guide you through the challenges you will face in your startup project... More

Discover Opportunities: 4 Approaches

Innopreneurial Games

When you create radical innovations, entrepreneurial simulation games such as Innovation Football (Innoball) and Innovation Chess are much more useful than classic business planning, strategy formulation and project management methods... More


An Internet entrepreneur (interpreneur) is an entrepreneur, an owner and/or a leader of an Internet based business enterprise who makes money through creating innovative customer value, taking risk, and turning problems to opportunities... More

Solo Entrepreneur

Solo entrepreneur is a professional who chooses to go into business by him- or herself (“go solo”) and grow a business without employees... More

Solo Interpreneur

Solo interpreneur is a solo entrepreneur, a sole proprietor of an Internet based business who makes money through creating an innovative customer value, taking risk, and turning problems to opportunities... More






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