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Believe in your entrepreneurial vision and your business. Commit to it. If you – and your people – love what you do, you'll try to do it the best you possibly can.

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Startup: 10 Keys to Great Success

Business Design



Define shared values and let values rule. Find people who are competent and care about the company’s business.

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Business Success 360

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Build and synergize corporate capabilities. Focus on distinctive capabilities that cannot be copied by your competitors.

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Focus on, care about, and love your customers. Create a customer-centric business model, stay close to your customers, listen to them and partner with them to create superior customer value. Build loving customer relationships.

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Customer Success 360

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Create a winning organization.  Cultivate leaders. Create hot teams, inspire, energize, and empower employees. Create an adaptive organization. Build a growth culture. Search for synergies. Leverage diversity.

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Synergistic Organization

Balanced Organisation: 5 Basic Elements



Reinvent your business continually. Work on your business. Set stretch goals. Search for opportunities and play INNOBALL simulation business game INNOBALL simulation game with the most promising ones. Cross-pollinate ideas. Make brainstorming a religion.

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Live speed. Build a fast company. Make decisions quickly. Simplify everything. Eliminate bureaucracy. Pursue opportunities faster than your competitors. Allow experimentations. Give people freedom to fail.

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Institutionalize innovation. Establish culture and processes supporting innovation. Build cross-functional teams, provide strategic alignment and resources.

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Innovation System

Jazz of Innovation