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The Need

A large European new-product company needed to strengthen a new product team and their business model and invention commercialisation strategies to make the radical innovation project worth of investment.


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Game 1



Problem and Opportunities Revealed

The first simulation game revealed that the team members were able to generate good ideas, but the team leader was not skilled enough to assess the ideas and select the best one quickly. The overall performance of the project team did persuade the top management to invest in the project.


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Vadim Kotelnikov advice quotes

Failure is an opportunity to grow wiser, get better prepared to win and make the next step towards success.

Vadim Kotelnikov

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Game 2



The top management of the company decided to replace the project leader and give the project team one more chance.

As the new project leader had no previous experience in managing radical projects, an additional training was provided to him on business design and design thinking, radical project management and quick idea assessment techniques, such as Weighted Guiding Principles and Gold Coin Cards. As a result, the team played the second game far better.

Results Achieved

A two-day Innoball technology commercialization business game and training helped the company to:

Strengthen the business model, entrepreneurial strategies and the innovation team;

Save over US$ 2.5 million by avoiding costly mistakes;

Reduce time to market by 18 months.