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INNOvation brainBALL / Innovation Football

Strategic simulation game
that helps create breakthrough innovations and change




A must-have thinking tool for your journey to breakthrough success!

Starting a disruptive project without playing an INNOBALL simulation game is like starting a football game, naively believing that the opponents have no brains.

Prepare to win wisely Vadim Kotelnikov advice Innoball simulation game




About INNOBALL (INNOvation brainBALL)
Invented in 2010, Innoball, a strategic entrepreneurial simulation game, has been helping disruptive startups and larger firms throughout the World to strengthen their innovation teams, business models, and entrepreneurial strategies. Examples of Innoball-powered startups include Ginus, NervusTech, HEALTHbiotic PRO, and a group of startups at the Izhevsk Business Incubators. Innoball sessions have also been helping large firms to prepare and implement their radical-innovation, big-change and human-resource-development projects and initiatives.
Today, innovation-focused organisations in various countries use Innoball as a key innopreneurship training game, a business incubation tool, an innovation accelerator, and a growth booster.


Innoball helped to develop the business model of the World's biggest startup ever Innompic Games, the World's #1 art-of-innovation event, entrepreneurial creativity contests and a joyful constructive competition and creation show. Several Innoball simulation games were played with the Innompic Games' overall business design and its various components and functions to make them more impactful and to build innovative cross-functional synergies.
At Innompic Games, Innoball serves as a key entrepreneurial creativity contest. The simulation game helps enhance business models of the mega-innovations designed by participating teams. Innovall is also a highly effective accelerated learning tool that boosts both individual and team creativity, teaches the systemic approach to innovation and strategic entrepreneurial thinking. In addition, Innoball makes it possible to assess entrepreneurial smartness of an innovation team and each its member quickly and effectively.
Global Innompic Games were launched successfully in 2017 in India and adopted quickly and joyfully by leading entrepreneurial institutions in various countries. Malaysia and Russia were the first to organise national Innompic Games in 2018.

Innoball helps to boost both
individual entrepreneurial creativity and team creativity.



Innovation Football (Innoball)
is a breakthrough simulation game
that helps disruptive innopreneurs create breakthrough innovations, develop stronger business models and entrepreneurial strategies,
train the team and
assess the strength of the team and each its member.  >>>


When you create radical innovations,
entrepreneurial simulation games
such as Innovation Football (Innoball) and Innovation Chess
are much more useful
than classic business planning, strategy formulation and  
project management methods


Innovation Football helps startup companies learn to anticipate risks and deal with them, develop stronger business model, entrepreneurial strategies and the team.  >>>

Innovation Football helps mature firms manage radical projects and deal with corporate barriers to innovation more effectively. It also helps train and assess entrepreneurial creativity of an innovation team.


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KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools are used by both innopreneurs and their opponents to manage the ideation process and simulate creative moves

A simulation game helps innopreneurs develop better strategies,
solve problems creatively and anticipate opponents' moves

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Thanks to Innoball / Innochess, innopreneurs can develop much stronger business models and entrepreneurial strategies just it 2 to 3 hours

Simulation games Innoball and Innochess help also assess the strength of an innovation team, its leader and each member


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Innovation Team Assessment, Innovation Football, Entrepreneurial Game


Innovation Football helps also both develop and assess
entrepreneurial capabilities of every team member.

Innoboll facilitates intellectual teamwork. It helps team members turn entrepreneurial strategic and innovative thinking into a winning habit.


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