When you create radical innovations,
entrepreneurial simulation games
such as Innovation Brainball (Innoball) and Innovation Chess
are much more useful than
classic business planning, strategy formulation and  
project management methods.


Process and Thinking Tools

'Garden' and 'Kitchen' phases of the Intellectual Teamwork

Evaluating Ideas and Selecting the Best One

Anticipating the Next Move of the Opponent Team

Presenting the Best Idea

Main Outcome



 Process and Thinking Tools

The simulation game helps innopreneurs develop better strategies,
solve problems creatively and anticipate opponents' moves.

Both innopreneurs and their opponents use Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools to manage the ideation process and simulate creative moves.

Innoball Game in Process: Innovation Football, Entrepreneurial Games, creative problem solving, predicting opponents' moves, team assessment

Strategy Development 3Bs of Strategic Creativity Inventing New Things Creative Problem Solving Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools Balloon Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools, Creativity, Inventivenes, metaphoric actions, Vadim Kotelnikov

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 Two Phases ‒ 'Garden' and 'Kitchen' ‒ of the Intellectual Teamwork

Garden independent ideation phase Innovation Braiinball, Innoball

Kitchen idea integration phase, team creativity, Innovation Braiinball ideation, Innoball

The intellectual teamwork starts from the independent ideation 'Garden' phase in order to cultivate diverse ideas.

 These individual contributions are merged and synergized during the next 'Kitchen' phase of the intellectual teamwork.  >>>

Innoball Ideation and Idea Selection

SPIN - Spiral Integration of Ideas - value-added brainstorming, Vadim Kotelnikov

Team members submit their independent or merged ideas to the team leader for evaluation and development of the next move.

When Innoball is used to help a real project to succeed, a more sophisticated method of Spiral Integration of Ideas (SPIN) is to be used.



 Evaluating Ideas and Selecting the Best One

Innoball: Quick Idea Evaluation, Innovation Brainball

Fast Idea Evaluation Techniques, Weighted Criteria, Guiding Principles, Quick Decision Making, How To Make Strategic Decisions Quickly

The team leader uses relevant techniques for quick idea evaluation in order to choose the best next move of the team.

When Innoball is used to help a real project to succeed, the method of Weighted Criteria  is the best to use for quick and effective scoring



 Anticipating the Next Move of the Opponent Team

Innovation Brainball: Think for your enemies, Innoball, Dennis KOtelnikov Ksenia, Vadim

While a team is working out its next move,
the opponent team tries to predict  it.

KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools are used by the both teams and judges to create a move, to predict it and to assess the prediction respectively.



  Presenting the Best Idea


The opponent team describes their prediction of the move.

The team reveals their next move.



 Main Outcome of the Innovation Brainball

Innoball Bebefits: stronger innovation team and project success, Vadim Kotelnikov Innovation Brainball simulation game training

Innoball results, better strategies, entrepreneurial game, innopreneurial simulation games



  Innoball Ideation Process is also great fun


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