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Gamification 10+ is to help you create breakthroughs!


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   Innoball Innovation Brainball Innovation Football simulation game  




Vadim Kotelnikov teachings

Launching a radical innovation / change project without playing a simulation game is like starting a football game naively believing that the opposing team does not exist. But it does and it wants to defeat you. You must prepare to win!

Vadim Kotelnikov, founder of 1000ventures - personal logo


  Innoball Innovation Brainball Innovation Football simulation game 



InnoBall Intelligence (IbI)

IbI is entrepreneurial super-smartness that helps to turn any challenge to an advantage and achieve outstanding success.

Experiential IbI turns this super-capability into a habit.



Learning Benefits

Ideation Process

Educative InnoBall Tests






A simulation game, like Innoball, is a powerful success catalyst that helps you

create radical innovations  ●  make big changes  ●  pursue emerging opportunities

and also select the best ventures or radical innovation projects to invest in


Ideation Process

Team & Venture Assessment



When you create radical innovations,
entrepreneurial simulation games such as
Innovation Football (Innoball) and Innovation Chess
are by far more useful

than conventional business planning, strategy formulation and
 project management methods


Both InnoBall and InnoChess are the key types of contests
of the
Innompic Internet Games among Innovators.


Synergizing Innovations

Strategic simulation games help you create various innovations and synergize them. You start with a great breakthrough invention or a business idea. During the game, in response to your opponents' moves, you come out with new radical and incremental, 'hard' and soft' innovations and integrate them in a winning synergistic combination.


Business Games

Game theory has greatly expanded the scope of analysis for business strategy, sharpening corporate competitiveness and advancing policy.

Strategic simulation games can not only help you learn the right way to create innovations but to understand opponents' behavior and what is likely to happen if you alter the rules.

Business games are most beneficial in obtaining  insights into the way players in your market interact in specific circumstances and anticipate opponents' moves when you make surprise moves, develop
market leadership, innovation and  venture strategies, manage an innovation project and create a new market niche.

Competitive War Games

While preparing your strategic plan, your need to consider opponents' moves as well as competitors' reactions to your own moves before committing to a specific strategy.

The goal of a competitive war game is to gain a better understanding of the total competitive arena, and anticipate competitive developments and moves in your industry. The war game is an effective tool for uncovering hidden weaknesses your own and those of your competitors. This understanding will help you formulate best-course action options.

Competitive war games will also help you shift managerial focus from internal to external, and lay a foundation of an early warning process.


Innovation Football  ●  Innovation Chess    KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools



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My trademark innopreneurial games and innovative thinking tools


Innovation Football (Innoball) is a breakthrough simulation game that helps disruptive innopreneurs create breakthrough innovations, develop stronger business models and entrepreneurial strategies, train an innovation team and assess its entrepreneurial creativity and capabilities.  >>>

Innovation Chess: Like in traditional chess, InnoChess strategy consists of setting and achieving long-term positioning advantages during the game, while tactics concentrate on immediate maneuver. These two parts of the InnoChess simulation process are synergistically integrated.  >>>

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Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools are used by both innopreneurs and their opponents to manage the ideation process and simulate creative moves

A simulation game helps innopreneurs develop better strategies,
solve problems creatively and anticipate opponents' moves

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Innopreneurial games help strengthen an innovation team, business model and sustainable competitive advantage ‒ all within few hours  >>>

Simulation games Innoball and Innochess help also assess the strength of an innovation team, its leader and each member

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Innovation Team Assessment, Innovation Football, Entrepreneurial Game