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How To Create Great Habits and Make Them Stick

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My Habitual Wake-Up Thought

Today is an opportunity to build a bridge between the lessons I learned yesterday and a greater tomorrow.


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How To Create Great Habits and Make New Habits Stick: 5 Tips, emmotional infographics,




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  1. Stay focused on your inspiring vision of a better self.

  2. List the downsides of not adopting a new habit.

  3. List key benefits of acquiring a new habit and visualize yourself enjoying these new benefits.

  4. Engage your subconscious mind. All habits are operated by the subconscious mind. By daily practice, you can imprint the right programming into the subconscious within a matter of weeks and make your actions effortless and natural.

  5. Commit to practice a new habit daily for at least three weeks to make it nearly automatic and easy to maintain. Consistency and high frequency is critical if you want to make a new habit stick fast.

  6. Start small and simple. A too complex task may demotivate you. You can create a new habit with a small amount of initial discipline. For instance, if you wish to exercise for an hour a day, start with doing so for ten minutes and build on that.

  7. Look for and use every opportunity to practice a new habit as much as possible to make it automatic. If you can make it through the initial resistance-to-change phase, your new habit becomes much easier to sustain and run on autopilot.

  8. Make it difficult for old habits to tempt you, especially in the first three weeks. Replace bad temptations in your mind and environment with the desired ones.

  9. Learn forwards from setbacks. Try your best, but don’t expect all your attempts to change your old deep-rooted habits to be successful immediately. Your ultimate success largely depends on how you think about failure. Be a successful learner – learn from failures and setbacks. Just as you develop habits in your behavior, you also develop habits in your thoughts. If you treat every situation as a learning opportunity, you will continually move ahead.

  10. Develop a strong passion for your new habit to ensure success.


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