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Clean your soul as frequently as you take shower to clean your body.


 I need to re-discover my true self periodically. To start with, I clean myself of my ego and similar shit.







Amazing Thinker

Loving heart makes life meaningful.

Grateful heart makes life wonderful.

Make it a habit to arise in the morning with a beginner’s mind – think of what a special privilege is to be alive, to breath, to see all these wonderful things around you.

  Wonderful Life quotes Loving heart makes life meaningful. Grateful heart makes life wonderful. Vadim Kotelnikov



InnoBall Intelligence (IbI)

IbI is entrepreneurial super-smartness that helps to turn any challenge to an advantage and achieve outstanding success.

Experiential IbI turns this super-capability into a habit.



Learning Benefits


Educative InnoBall Tests





Skilled brain knows how to memorize important things.

Loving heart knows how to forget bad things.








KoRe 5 Affirmations

My mental yoga exercise before falling asleep and just after awakening


Mental Yoga quick meditation 1 minute Kore 5 positive affirmations Vadim Kotelnikov






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Here is a simple recipe of true joy:  in a crowded place say silently and wholeheartedly, ‘People, I love you all so much!’ And enjoy your soul being instantly filled with happiness  and joy.

Smart & Fast Thinker    Open-minded Attitude



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Creativity as a Habit: Creative Thinking + Creative Action, Vadim Kotelnikov

What It takes to achieve happiness on all levels? It is amazingly simple. You need to do just one thing – open your heart to love:
love what you have; love what you do, and love other people.

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Open-minded Attitude   

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