Having learned that our subconscious mind works 200,000,000+ times faster than the conscious one,
I decided to master my subconscious in order to increase my thinking productivity that much.

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Best Subconscious quote Vadim Kotelnikov Give your subconscious mind strong why and it will come back with how

Subconscious Ideation

This is how I invent something new every day and night on autopilot:

I give my subconscious mind strong “why” and “what”, and it comes back with an amazing “how” in due course.








Have a BIG DREAM and
a BURNING DESIRE to make your big dream a reality.

Your BIG DREAM serves as the lodestar while your BURNING DESIRE serves as the fuel for your relentless subconscious thinking, ideation on autopilot and discoveries.

Vadim Kotelnikov quotes Set a narrow goal, and you'll reach the ceiling. Dream big dreams, and you'll reach the stars.


Vadim Kotelnikov Success Paradoxical Rules quotes You move master when you stop to think

The fast-thinking subconscious mind needs a starter as well to start inventing brilliant solutions relentlessly. The starter is a sincere attempt to find a brilliant solution consciously. I search for a creative solution for a while, and then relax or start doing something else to let my subconscious mind to complete the challenging task. And it delivers an eye-opening solution pretty soon.




The more I practice this simple technique the easier my subconscious mind get engaged, and the faster i have another brilliant solution delivered to my conscious mind.

Wisdom quotes Vadim Kotelnikov In most complex situations, it's not me who comes to a conclusion, it's a conclusion who comes to me.


Subconscious thinking: Invent while you are slleping Vadim Kotelnikov advice quote

Yes, it is easy to keep inventing brilliant solutions with little effort,
having a BIG DREAM and a BURNING DESIRE to achieve it is a must!

If you have a compelling 'why',
your subconscious will tell you 'how'.









You Are a Born Genius



Some authors say, 'Think like a genius'.
I don't say such things, because I know that
everyone is a born genius.

All you need is to awaken your inner genius if you have not done this so far.

Vadim Kotelnikov genius


Success on Autipilot quotes Vadim Kotelnikov subconscious ideation

Listen to your intuition, your first thought, your low-voice, yet very powerful sixth sense.

Learn how to engage your subconscious mind and ideate on autopilot.