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Put Your Success on Autopilot

Focus on your vision & Engage your subconscious mind


Coaching by Example

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The Greatest Know-How

The greatest know-how is knowing how to engage your light-speed subconscious mind that works millions times faster. You will put your strategic ideation and success on autopilot when you learn how to turn your subconscious mind on and make it work towards a desired state of future.




Those who mastered light-speed subconscious thinking get the most from The Law of Attraction. They strategize, invent amazing breakthroughs, and, ultimately, succeed on autopilot.


Turn Your Dream to Reality

10 Laws of the Universe




SuperSmart vs. Smart

Smart brainstorms. SuperSmart ideates on autopilot.


An Easy Way to Become a Genius




Invent on Autopilot

Adopt 5 inventive thinking attitudes and practice 5 inventive thinking techniques for a month to turn them into a habit.


Ideate and Invent Subconsciously

How To Invent a New Great Product







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Burning belief is your bridge between impossible and possible

and the fuel of your strategic success


I believe that...
Whatever I've achieved so far, I can Achieve millions times more!




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Have an Inspiring Vision and a Burning Desire
Create a great inspiring vision of the desired future state you want to create. It will, like a load star, guide your subconscious ideation and holistic thinking process.
Nurture a burning desire to make your vision a reality in the best possible way. Your burning desire will serve as never-ending fuel for your relentless subconscious thinking process 24 hours a day.
Think Hard, Then Relax
When you want to come out with an innovative solution to a challenge, try hard to invent it consciously first. Look at the challenge from different angles. Generate some ideas. Play with various scenarios. Than relax and tell your subconscious mind, “It’s your turn now”. If you must come out with a great solution in less than an hour, meditate or relax in a bath tub. Otherwise take a nap. A great solution will appear apparently from nowhere, but actually from your subconscious mind.
Practice this two-step process for a while consciously until it becomes a subconscious habit. When it becomes a habit, consider you have mastered the art of turning your subconscious thinking on and putting your strategic success on autopilot.
Coaching by Example
Having learned how to engage my subconscious mind, I make new discoveries and inventions every night.
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Coaching by Example
Songs Innompic Planet of Loving Creators


Burning Belief



 Believe in Your Cause

Your belief in your cause is your #1 strategy.

Discover Your Life Mission

Believe – every moment! – in what you do. If you believe in what you are doing, you can do wonders regardless of seeming impossibilities.

Believe that your daring cause is achievable, and your belief will help create the fact because your belief determines your actions, and your actions determine your achievements.

If you want to create an innovative value for others, start with defining its purpose clearly. This guiding statement will help you create a value that not only expresses your burning belief, but will relate to your audience as well.

Be Different and Make a Difference!

Believe in Yourself

You live as you believe. If you believe you can fly,  you can fly.

You are what you think. If you decide that you can do anything, you will.

Believe that there are no heights that you cannot reach. Motivate yourself and stretch yourself. Everything you think and everything you do should be ignited by your burning belief in yourself. If you don’t have such a great belief in yourself, then fake it until you make it. You will ultimately become what you think passionately about most of the time. What you practice will turn into a great habit after a while and become your true self >>>

Can-Do Attitude

Believe in Others

Your enthusiasm, your actions, every word you speak should demonstrate your deep belief that absolutely anyone has a God inside and can be greatly successful .



Wise Believer

The Power of Burning Belief

The greatest achievers are those who are old enough to be wise, and young enough to believe they can change the world >>> 

Burning belief
is the jumping pole that vaults you
from doing the difficult to doing the impossible.






  7 Paradoxical Rules of True Success

Great Achiever: 8 Winning Habits








Somehow I can't believe there are any heights that can't be scaled by a man who knows the secret of making dreams come true.
This special secret, it seems to me, can be summarized in
four C's.
They are Curiosity, Confidence, Courage, and Constancy
and the greatest of these is Confidence.
When you believe a thing, believe it all the way, implicitly and unquestionably.”  >>>

~ Walt Disney



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