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3 Bs of Strategic Creativity

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When you develop creative entrepreneurial or innovation strategies, think both holistically and creatively. Alternate brainstilling and brainstorming by using a 3-step 3B process: brainstilling – brainstorming – brainstilling.

❶ Brainstilling

Education brings knowledge; applying knowledge brings wisdom; silencing knowledge brings enlightenment. Silence your mind to see the big picture and discover major problems and/or big opportunities. Things get easier when you take a helicopter view ‒ you can see further and be seen from far away. Close your eyes to see the big picture clearer. Your burning desire to make things better will awaken your much more powerful subconscious mind shortly after you still your conscious thinking. Meditate over the situation. Ask the Universe for guidance and take time to listen to the response.

❷ Brainstorming

Brainstorm strategic ideas and/or creative solutions. When you brainstorm on your own you will tend to produce a wider range of ideas than with group brainstorming because you do not have to worry about other people’s egos or opinions, and can therefore be more freely creative.

❸ Brainstilling

Still your brain to see the new big picture and assess the impact of your new ideas. If you like it, start implementing and/or marketing your new big picture and your ideas that would lead to it. Otherwise, re-brainstorm to achieve better results.





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If you want to see further and rightly, gain true insight, and get wiser, close your eyes, quiet your mind and open your heart. >>>

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