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Things get easier when you take a helicopter view
you can see and be seen far better.


Below are some metaphoric activities
based on this KoRe 10 tool
and their translation into practical strategic actions by
and their opponents

10 KITT: Balloon


Your Actions

Opponents' Actions


Create and articulate an inspiring vision; set a stretch goal

Provide strategic alignment and intent

Help people reach new heights

Make a core feature more prominent  >>>

Surprise customers and competitors; inspire partners

Slow down your fall if your strategic action abruptly fails

To low air pressure: Not visible to most targeted beneficiaries

Your inventors 'have their head in the clouds"

Government raises fees / standards; suppliers raise prices

Competitor come out with greater value innovations  >>>

Customers demand higher value

Deflating: Your balloon is "shot through" because a key venture enabler was disabled.

Gaining visibility

Invent creative marketing strategies to become remarkable

Help your clients become famous

Differentiate from competitors  >>>

Develop a Blue-Ocean strategy; create a new market niche

Create greater value Innovations

Competitors take market attention away from your  product


Take a helicopter view of your business, see the big picture; work on your business; discover promising opportunities, spot new trends  >>>

Understand needs and motivators of consumers;

Obtain technology and competitor intelligence



Diversify; discover new opportunities 

Explore new markets and create a new market niche

Invent new growth strategies