The Power of Mission, Passion and
Entrepreneurial Creativity


I worked for various United Nations organizations for many years.

I was growing personally and professionally while working on UN projects.

Having grown up to a certain point, I realized that

I can create much more value for people if I work independently,
as a solo internet entrepreneur.

I started building an inspirational Business e-Coach
that helps people achieve much more in life, work and business.  >>>

Today, more people visit my e-Coach than the sites of UN agencies I used to work for.

A drop grew larger than the ocean >>>

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Comparative Value created online by:

UN-ESCAP ‒ United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific

My free e-Coach at 1000ventures


My website attracts much more visitors than
the website of a large
intergovernmental organization
aimed to serve the region inhabited by
more than 60% of the world’s population.  Why?

The difference is due to  the value
we create online for targeted beneficiaries

They focus on publishing information about themselves.

I focus on creating great value for my visitors.



We serve a common noble mission
‒ we help people, societies and economies grow

They have
member countries, media attention,
big buildings, donors, budgets and staff.

I do everything just by myself.

For over 10 years I worked as a United Nations consultant in
Asia and the Pacific  inhabited by more than 4 billion people.

I used to contribute my drop to the ocean of
the economic and social developmental value
created by UN ESCAP for the region.

Then, I invented an inspirational e-Coach
that helps people and organizations
grow more creatively and much faster.

Since 2004, I'm a solo interpreneur.

More people visit my website than that of UN-ESCAP.

I used to contribute a small drop to an ocean.
Today, my drop is
larger than that ocean.

That's the power of
missionary and passionate

I help you and your business
shine much brighter

both inside and outside


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