Your time at this Planet is very short, but it defines your future eternal existence.

Don't waste this precious time ‒ be a LOVING CREATOR!
It's easy, wonderful and rewarding! Here are some inspirations for you.



The Loving Creator created us in his own likeness. We are all empowered from outside and given unlimited capabilities.
All we need is to  empower ourselves from inside and
embrace an attitude of a
Loving Creator 

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Choose Love

Without Love you can look, but not see. With Love you can understand without being told... More

Find Your True Passion

Your noble Passion is your life mission ‒ you were born to do what you truly love to do... More





Innovation is Love 

Innovation is actually a very simple phenomenon. Innovation is about Love: do what you love to do, and love your customers... More

Be a HOSTer 

In today’s world – where ideas, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship rule and so many people and companies are looking for new ways to get ahead and stand out – the need for people who help others succeed and thrive is unprecedented... More





Passionate Team

Love for each other gives team members strengths and courage, inspires and energizes them, creates an atmosphere of trust, enhances intellectual teamwork, cross-pollination of ideas. and team creativity...  More

Happy Business 

Love for your work, your customers, your partners, and the entire World is the springhead of the cascade of innovations and the river of revenues... More





As a LOVING CREATOR, you can create tiny or huge things.
These 'things' can be tangible of intangible. It doesn't matter.

There are two things only that matter: you must


LOVE the Consumers of your creations wholeheartedly.



Vadim Kotelnikov quotes make our planet a better placed

Your greatest and happiest actions
are those
that you take with
best intentions
at heart
without worrying about
how you will be rewarded





Best Change quotes, Vadim Kotelnikov, If you don't changge the World, why do you exist at all?

Self-education quotes Vadim Kotelnikov self-education makes you unique formal education makes you like others



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