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Make A Difference!


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 'I Have a Difference To Make!'


An energizing
entrepreneurial song
that inspires you to
make a difference!


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Though everyone has inborn talents,
Most people let them die unlocked.
I always swim against this current
And every day
create a lot!


Though many live without a vision,
My way in life is not to fake.
I'll bring my big dreams to fruition –
I have a difference to make!


Though many guys have great ideas,
Unacted on they turn to dust.
But I don’t let mine disappear –
work on them ‒ and really fast!

Let other guys be safer sailors
Afraid of making a mistake,
But I take risks and
learn from failures –
I have a difference to make!

To others “winning” means “defeating”,
To me “Win-Wins” are greater deals.
While always with myself competing,
I strive that everybody wins.

Though many preach, “It doesn’t matter.
Don’t question it, don’t cause a wake”,

I always strive to make things better
I have a difference to make!

Some people spend their life in plazas,
For others beer’s the upmost goal.
But I
create great things for others
Their gratitude rewards my soul.

Let others yield in face of problems
Though their dream could be at stake,
But I
keep fighting till it’s over
I have a difference to make!


  Special thanks to Lily Temmer who helped beautify the lyrics

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"One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men.
No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man." 
~ Elbert Hubbard