These are my personal drivers for entrepreneurship,
I believe most entrepreneurs around the globe
driven by
the same motives

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look for areas for
proactive innovation or improvement,
notice what could be better
and do something about it

When people are unhappy, entrepreneurs got rich by improving the world and making a lot of people happier in the process




Entrepreneurial Drivers


Growth, Achievement


 To follow a great noble passion, to do what one loves to do

To pursue an inspiring entrepreneurial vision and a big dream

To lead the market proactively,  to create, invent, innovate, nurture and develop new great solutions, amazing products, services, and technologies  >>>

To seize discovered opportunities and build something of global significance

To find adventure and excitement; to learn, research, analyze

To make a difference, achieve success, create wealth and earn recognition from those who matter







Entrepreneurial Drivers


Humanity, Spirituality


To pursue an inspiring life's mission.

To create new and greater value for others.

To help people solve their problems, find excitement, have fun

To help make the world a better place; to facilitate harmony  >>>

To be humanitarian and facilitate growth and economic development

To pursue spiritual studies, to spread and illuminate spiritually








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