Leadership by example is a most effective way of leadership.
The same is true for

Coaching by example is to show that
impossible is possible
as well as to inspire you to ask yourself:

"What amazing things could I do?
How could I change the World?"





Vadim Kotelnikov teachings

I preach and practice

impact crosspreneurship

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Vadim Kotelnikov teachings

While creating wonders, break rules wisely
disrupt human habits (example) but stay in harmony with the laws of the Universe (example) .

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Vadim Kotelnikov quotes make our planet a better placed

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'Garden' & 'Kitchen' Phases of Intellectual Teamwork    'Gold Coin' Cards for Team-based Quick Idea Assessment


Ideation Techniques

KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools (10KITT)

Creative Challenge Spiral (CCS)    Spiral Idea Integration Technique (SPIN)


Creation Show

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Launched at 1000ventures.com as booster of creativity,  innovation and growth,
was further developed into
diversified network
social websites
that serve
diverse needs and wants
of diverse Internet users

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In 2010, I invented InnoBall  (INNOvation brainBALL) that helps both startups and large firms master radical innovation process, strengthen their business case, business model and team, achieve much more, and win wisely .







Having invented INNOBALL, in the same 2010 I got overwhelmed with a big dream − to invent and establish Innompic Games for innopreneurs that would turn the Earth to the Planet of Loving Creators.

Planet of Loving Creators Dare to make a difference!