Winning is about cinquering yourself Vadim Kotelnikov Most Useful Dictionary

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Winning is primarily not about conquering others, it is about conquering yourself.  >>>

External victories bring temporary happiness. Conquering yourself brings lasting happiness.

If you feel happy, you are a winner.


Winners vs. Losers


Vadim Kotelnikov Winners vs Losers quotes: Impossible Is Possible: Losers approach possible as impossible; Winners approach impossible as possible

How To Achieve Impossible

The difference between "impossible" and "possible" is inside yourself. Losers approach possible as impossible; Winners approach impossible as possible.  >>>

A burning belief is a bridge between impossible and possible.


My 12 Empowering Beliefs


Денис Котельников Burning Belief quotes, Vadim Kotelnikov Denis, Вадим

Stretch Yourself

Whatever you achieved so far, you can achieve millions times more!

Average ones compete with others. Great ones compete with themselves.

The first step towards your stretch goal is always a correct move. Whether it's lucky or not, it's the biggest step forward.


Burning Desire


Prepare to win wisely Vadim Kotelnikov advice Innoball simulation game

Prepare To Win

See yourself as a disruptive and victorious innopreneur. Ideate, turn ideas to value innovation concepts, play Innoball entrepreneurial simulation games with them to prepare to win, create prototypes and test market them to learn from feedback and improve.


Venturepreneurial Flight



Strategic Thinking quotes Think Inside Out and Outside In Vadim Kotelnikov

Think for Your Enemies

Anticipation is a most important strategic thinking skill of a victorious venturepreneur and an entrepreneurial innovation leader.

You must be able to anticipate diverse challenges that may emerge on your way to desired strategic results and to get better prepared to win.


Intellectual Scouting Forward


How To Win Wisely, learn from David, Vadim Kotelnikov quotes

Use the Right Weapons

Metaphoric KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools (10 KITT) will help you simulate various scenarios of possible encounters with diverse enemies, design winning strategies and get prepared to tackle promptly and effectively unforeseen attacks of emerging enemies.


How a Weak Can Defeat a Strong


Negotiation quotes dance Win-Win mindset Vadim Kotelnikov Dennis

Think Win-Win

Figure out how everyone can emerge from the situation as a happy victor. To help yourself, help your counterparts to achieve their goals that are not in conflict with your deep intent.

Think holistically, keep the big picture of the desired future in mind and always remember that there are not just one, but many ways to draw it.


Win-Win Negotiations



Flexibility quotes Vadim Kotelnikov

Think Positively, Be Flexible

Channel your energy towards your desired achievement, nor fears. You positive open-minded attitude is the flashlight that will help you to find the keys to success in a dark place.

Focus on long-term gain and be ready to make short-term tactical changes in your plan if they help to achieve strategic success.


Victorious FICAP Attitudes


Winners vs Losers Winners take action, losers fake action Vadim Kotelnikov quotes jokes

  Keep your sense of humor

Laughter is a master key to success. It helps you spread joy, connect with people, remove tensions, learn joyfully, heal diseases, and conquer adversaries.


Funny Wisdom