Its useless to be able to
spot opportunities
or anticipate
the future if you have no flexibility
to change and evolve.

FLEXIBILITY - the power of flexibility in life and business, way to success, Dennis Kotelnikov





Strategic Flexibility

It takes imagination and flexibility to be able to recognize opportunities and move in unexpected, but promising directions... More





Flexibility as an Achievement Tool

Flexibility is not a weakness, its a great achievement tool, provided you stay true to your noble vision, mission, values and principles. If you are flexible, you have a choice to refine what you do, to stop what you do or to do it differently.

If you have no flexibility, you will not be able to benefit from failures or solve old problems in new and better ways. It takes a determination to succeed and mental flexibility to be able to solve problems creatively, find opportunities in problems and to emerge from failures as an inventive winner.

It takes strategic thinking and entrepreneurial flexibility to reassess your past decisions, ask learning SWOT questions, change your strategic action plan accordingly and ultimately succeed.  >>>

You must also have a great deal of flexibility when conducting mutually beneficial relations with your allies or looking for a win-win solution in conflicts or negotiations.




Learn Flexibility from Water

Due to its nature, water always finds its way around obstacles. Do the same focus on your stretch goal and flow on like water towards it. If a concrete wall blocks your way, become water and flow around it.

As a general rule, when your brain fails to find a solution, emulate Nature.




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