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Strategic Thinking

7 Principles


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Successful people are long-term thinkers.

Practice long-term thinking in your life and business, and
make sure that everything you do in the short term
is consistent with what you want to
achieve in the long term.

You move forward much faster when you stop to think. Vadim Kotelnikov quotes


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Put your goals in writing in order to:


  1. Focus on your big dream and vision. They perform a directional, a motivational, and an inspirational function. When you focus passionately on your vision you start noticing and creating things that help you achieve it.


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  1. Align your goals strategically. Without good alignment to your strategic intent, every bit of motion is quite wasteful and strugglefull. Goal alignment strengthens your self-leadership and makes you much more effective. With every action contributing synergistically to achievement of the same objective, you can achieve your strategic goals faster, with more flexibility, adaptability and creativity.



  1. Think systemically. Focus on the whole. Combine information and intuition, analytical thinking with synthetical thinking to find system-wide focus and gain systemic insights into complex situations and problems.

  2. Think creatively and outside-the-box. Look beyond the obvious, search for connections between situations that are not obviously related.

  3. Change perceptual positions, step out of your shoes and into the shoes of other stakeholders  customers, competitors, partners, investors to surface new insights.

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  1. Search for synergies among your abilities, opportunities,  business units, functions, processes, innovations, and partners. Find relationships between elements. Balance the short and long term, generate short term wins, and consolidate gains.

  2. Engage your subconscious mind ‒ it works and creates complex combinations much faster! Visualize your desired strategic results, engage all your emotions and senses, and then relax to let your subconscious mind start working on your dream.

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