Your life becomes an endless chain of wonders
when you discover your life mission and begin pursuing it with passion and persistence.

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Top 10 Tips KoRe 10 Tips

To discover your lifeís mission, ask yourself:



If I were absolutely free of any must-bes and must-dos, and had to choose a single occupation, which one would I choose?


What has always come naturally to me? What am I naturally good at?


What are my deepest beliefs and values?


What are my favorite things to do? What and who inspires me most? What inspires my amazing creativity?


What makes me feel great about myself?


What were the most pleasurable moments in my life? What makes me smile?


Which work makes me feel so good that I could do it all day long?


What does help me overcome challenges and hardships?


What message would I like to send to the World?


What would matter the most at the end of my life?






Your Unique, Positive Purpose

Your life mission is the reason why you exist. To achieve lasting happiness, discover what you were born for and pursue your true mission.

Every human being, every soul comes into this world charged with a unique, positive purpose. You were born unique, so be unique, dare to be different! You cannot be replaced.  >>>








Discover your life mission Ė you were born to do what you love to do! Yes, thatís right: you donít choose your life mission and your true passion ‒ they chose you. You must discover and pursue them if you want to live a loveful, happy, joyful, and fulfilling life.

You may have more than one mission. These missions can be consecutive or simultaneous. Many people in your area may be creating similar value, but your particular approach and the way of creating value for others is unique.

Find synergy between your life and business!, and don't let the vanity cacophony mute your life symphony!



To achieve
lasting happiness, discover what you were born for
and pursue
your true mission

Life Mission - Love, Save the World, Virtuous Giant, Vadim Kotelnikov



Simple Formula:

It took me decades to understand how to discover my true self. I hope the simple formula will help those who are still searching for their life's mission.

To discover your true self,
get rid of all your
attitudes and thoughts that are not nurtured by




Always remember:
Your earthly life is the moment
that defines your further eternal existence.

Vadim Kotelnikov: You have your personal gate to the heaven. It has no guard, itís open Ė just for you and just for a certain period of time. Discover your life mission to find the way to your heavenís gate and walk that way wholeheartedly