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My Story

Exciting and happy journey from an intrapreneur
to a World-changing venturepreneur










Vadim Kotelnikov innovation quote Innovators succeed by breaking rules.

Prior to becoming a radical mega-innovator and world-changing venturepreneur, I was an intrapreneur at the United Nations Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology (APCTT). 

I was very lucky because the then APCTT Director, Dr. Jürgen Bischoff was very supportive of innovative initiatives which is quite unusual for a United Nations' agency.




My intrapreneurial journey was truly exciting because I was given an opportunity to create great lasting innovative value for the entire Asia-Pacific region.

Being myself a passionate learner, I love to create inspirational accelerated learning materials, tools and platforms for others.

I left my UN job many years ago, yet many beneficiaries of my intrapreneurial work keep using my inspirational, educational and training materials on innovation management, business incubation and international technology-based business cooperation developed during that period.

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OUTSTANDING INNOPRENEUR by Vadim Kptelnikov Innompic e-book PowerPoint download

My intrapreneurial journey helped me grow and embark on a greater journey of a difference maker, a game changer, and a world-changing proactive and disruptive innopreneur.

Shortly after leaving the full-time UN job in 2004. I launched my first global free service −

Business e-Coach Inspirational Business e-Coach.





Since then, e-Coach has been helping millions of individuals, teams and organisations from all over the world to become more creative and innopreneurial.

I received thousands of THANK-YOU notes during the launch year that encouraged me to keep making the e-Coach bigger and better continuously.

Vadim Kotelnikov best #learning quote If you strop learning you stop creating history and become histpry



Business Incubation best training Innoball simulation game Vadim Kotelnikov Innovation Football Brainball win wisely

In 2010, I invented

Innoball icon  INNOBALL (INNOvation brainBALL)

strategic entrepreneurial simulation game that helps both startups and large firms master radical innovation process, strengthen their business case, business model and team, achieve much more, and win wisely.





Having invented INNOBALL, in the same 2010 I got overwhelmed with a big dream − to invent and establish


for innopreneurs that would turn the Earth to the Planet of Loving Creators.

Planet of Loving Creators Dare to make a difference!



Vadim Kotelnikov storry Innovation journey prepare to win Innoball simulation game

INNOMPIC GAMES is a revolutionary huge and complex mega-innovation. Yet, developing Innompic Games, their global strategy, innovative components and contests was a very easy and exciting journey thanks to INNOBALL simulation game which can be played by an entrepreneur both alone and with partners .





Rajendra Jagdale, my old friend since my intrapreneurial journey at UN APCTT, organised formal announcement of Global Innompic Games at the international ISBA 2016 business incubation conference.

Rajendra Jagdale served also as the Chairman of the World's 1st INNOMPIC GAMES 2017 held in India.

Vadim Kotelnikov quote If you don't change the World, why do you exist at all?



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Othman Ismail, another my old-time partner from Malaysia, was the Chairman of the World 2nd INNOMPIC GAMES 2018 hosted by the University of Kuala Lumpur and co-sponsored by Malaysia Productivity Council.