If you stop learning,
you stop
creating history and
become history.


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1.  Achievement Drive

Learn continuously! If you stop learning, you stop creating history and become history. It is more important how fast you can learn, not what you know in today’s rapidly changing world where knowledge becomes obsolete very fast.

2.  Passion for Learning

Develop a passion for learning in order to raise to great truths. Visualize your big dream, start making it a reality, and the passion for learning will follow.






3.  Creative Dissatisfaction

Learn forward. Nurture creative dissatisfaction with the status quo. Make it a habit to ask your yourself, “How could this new knowledge, feedback or discovery help me make another step towards my big dream?”  >>>

4.  Open Mind

Adopt an open-minded attitude. Don’t presume you know it all.

5.  Listening

Be a great listener. Listen to others, listen to yourself, listen to the Universe >>>






6.  Different Perceptions

Cross-pollinate knowledge and ideas with others, especially unusual people. Talk to inspire feedback. Listen to discover a different point of view.

7.  Practice

Learn by doing. Creative action opens new horizons and creates new learning opportunities. Practice helps you turn a new skill into a habit.




8.  Proactiveness

Look for learning opportunities everywhere. Learn from your successes and failures. Learn from great achievers. Ask people around you for feedback >>>

9.  Positive Attitude

Learn forward from setbacks. If you treat every situation as a learning opportunity, you will continually move ahead.

10.  Serendipity

Keep your mind open and young. Be curious and prepared to make accidental discoveries. Explore new things. Enjoy making discoveries >>>






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