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Listen To Others Empathically

One of the greatest gifts you can give another is that of truly listening and hearing. Empathic listening improves understanding. Empathy means to put yourself in a position to understand another person. It is the process of attending to another so the individual feels heard in a non-judgmental way. “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye,” said Antoine de Saint-Exupery. When an individual feels heard and understood, an emotional burden is lifted; defensiveness is reduced; and clarity increases.

Strive To Make People Happier

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Kore 10 Reasons to Choose Love

Without Love, you can listen, but not hear.

With Love, you can understand without being told... More



Listen To Yourself

Listening to yourself is not about self-talk. It is about silencing your mind and listening to your Higher Self, your inner voice, subconscious minds and intuition to hear your true desires and your inner guide to your dreams.

Everyone has an inner voice. Listen to it, trust it and let it lead you. If you do, it will give you the ability to live a life you really want, the life that is true to who you are.   >>>


Great Learner

Don't let the vanity cacophony of your daily life to mute your life symphony. Silence your mind and let the Universe guide you. Trust it, and listen to it... More

People practicing what others call “magic” are sensitive to the universe and have a close relationship with nature as they are their main source of power. So be in close harmony with the universe, particularly nature.

To draw strength from the Universe, all you need to do is to recognize that you are surrounded by its vast, immeasurable power. Align yourself with the Universe and be more attentive to its various messages, like coincidences and flashes of insight or intuition >>>



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“A natural response to a natural phenomenon – that is the secret of success in business and management. This advice also applies to the management of your own life”.
~ Konosuke Matsushita


"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.
It is the source of all true art and all science.“
~ Albert Einstein


"Listen to your inner voice for it is a deep and powerful source of wisdom, beauty and truth, ever flowing through you. Learn to trust it, trust your intuition, and in good time, answers to all you seek to know will come, and the path will open before you,“
~ Caroline Joy Adams


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