You are much bigger than you think.

You can achieve far more if you see yourself as a disruptive innovator
and an inevitable victor





Impossible Is Possible


The difference between impossible and possible is inside you.

Some people believe that impossible is possible, others think that possible is impossible. All of them prove to be right – the former by taking action, the latter by staying idle.

Victors take action, losers fake action.

Most people simply do not get what they want because they have no courage to believe that they can achieve it. To unlock your true potential, keep stretching yourself – choose progressively more challenging tasks.

Do something impossible to discover your inner power and spread your wings!




Focus on the Future

Don’t look back, look forward. You cannot change the past, but you can change the future.

You might have lost a game yesterday – don't cry over it. It's not something to be pity of. It's a lesson and a new reality.  >>>

Today you start a fresh new game, the score is 0:0, and you must win! >>>

 Develop a 'Can-Do' attitude. You live as you believe. If you believe you can fly, you can fly. If you love what you do, there are no difficult tasks, only interesting ones.  >>>





Fail To Succeed

Every failure is a great learning opportunity. Fail small to succeed big on your way of making your dreams come true.

Failure is not the end, it is the beginning. See failure as temporary. Learn, refocus, restart.  >>>

The Wheel of Personal Success

Failure is a Teacher Vadim Kotelnikov quotes Most Useful Dictionary




Stop Thinking To Think Faster


Tap into your subconscious mind ‒ it works millions time faster. If you want to find great solutions to problems, gain true insight, and get wiser close your eyes and quiet your mind >>>

Awaken Your Subconscious Power