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COCA Principle of Achievement

Capability Opportunity Action Commitment


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The Magic of Action

Mobilize yourself to seize opportunities. Stretch your comfort zone. Don’t wait for a 'special' time when everything falls into place. This time will never come. Take action if you want to change and improve your life. Master the skill of getting motivated to do the things you've always wanted to do. It will help you take action and move forward in spite of fear, worry, and resistance to change.

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Embrace your vision and goals and stay true to your true self and your crusade. Wind is always fair even when it looks unfair. Keep smiling at your fate, and your fate will smile back at you.


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Stretch yourself! Do something impossible to discover your inner power and spread your wings! Vadim Kotelnikov quote


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Capability is a synergy of your attitude, knowledge, and skills. Your attitude is the key component. Actually, every person can do much more than he/she thinks he/she can. The difference between impossible and possible is chiefly inside a person: losers approach possible as impossible; winners approach impossible as possible. Most limitations are more self-imposed than real. Keep stretching yourself, choose progressively more challenging tasks to unlock your true potential and to create wonders.

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Be a Victor!


Search for opportunities always and everywhere – and opportunities will search for you. If a problem arises, don't talk about the problem; talk about opportunities. This is the magic of your attitude: if you treat problems as problems, they are problems; if you treat problems as opportunities, they are opportunities.

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Creative Achiever self-learning e-course

The keys to success are hidden in dark places, but you have
a flashlight to find them – it's your positive mindset. Turn it on!

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