Learn to unlearn.

You need to look at the things inside and outside you with new eyes if you want to make discoveries.

Remember, nothing makes you blinder than a point of view.

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Recognize that everyone, including yourself, has ingrained assumptions about every situation, and keep in mind that so-called common knowledge may not be correct. Never forget that knowledge plays two opposite roles – it serves as a fertile soil for generation of new ideas, but also entraps people in old ways of seeing and thinking.

Strive to see what others overlooked. Think black and white ‒ turn your multicolored perceptions off for a while and see everything around you in pure black and white colors to identify the things that need to be changed radically.



Ask "Why?" and "What If?" questionscritical thinking works best when you continually ask yourself, ‘Does this make sense?’, ‘If not, what if?’. Use the 5-Why approach to determine the root cause of a problem.

Dare to be different and make a difference. Open your mind to a new way of thinking, new data, and options.

Look for hidden and unused opportunities.

Consider the issue from many different angles.

Look at things from an unexpected viewpoint – even if an obvious solution presents itself, look for a not-obvious one.

Consider doing the opposite to what other people do.

Allow originality and surrealism to provoke new images of reality.

Contemplate the unthinkable and the impossible. >>>






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