The best performers are not those who are skilled best,
but those who are motivated most.



Breakthrough FICAP Attitudes The Way To Your Dream Entrepreneurial Vision Stay Focused Breakthrough Attitude - FICAP: Focused, Innovative, Commited, Adaptive, Positive



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Powerful Attitudes to Achieve Your Daring Entrepreneurial Dream

Stay focused: Focus on your entrepreneurial vision .

Be innovative: Commit to going against the status quo; open yourself up to controversy and be willing to feel uncomfortable.  >>>

Stay committed: Follow your wish wholeheartedly with complete dedication; stay true to your values and guiding principles.

Be adaptive: Be open to challenging everything you have internalized about being successful.

Be positive: React positively to every situation, look for valuable lessons and opportunities. See opportunities to embrace and challenges to overcome where others see impenetrable barriers.  >>>

Can-Do Attitude

Be Daring

Famous entrepreneurs succeeded because they dared to dream big dreams. Learn from them. “All of our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them,” advised Walt Disney.

Do something which you enjoy or cherish the most – making buzz all over. Yes, big entrepreneurial dreams involve risks, but they may also inspire other people to join you and your crusade. If you're working on a no-risk dream, great creative people will not follow you, and your dream won't last beyond your own involvement.

Entrepreneurial Creativity: 4 Keys

Don’ be afraid to take big risk, be prepared to make mistakes and learn from them in the process of starting a business from a small business idea. It takes a lot of courage to choose between easy choices and following your heart, but if you risk nothing, you win nothing. As Jack Welch put it, “Control your own destiny, or someone else will.”

Positive Affirmations

I make things happen and I make a difference.

I don't accept anything but the best... More