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Burning Desire

Why and How To Cultivate


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 The greatest performers are not those who are skilled best, but those who are motivated most >>>


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Kore 10 Tips for Team Creativity


Top 10 Tips Kore 10 Tips on How To Ignite a Burning Desire

  1. Appreciate the power of a burning desire as your undefeatable inner self that leads you towards your dream and helps you make it a reality.

  2. See yourself as an innovative and relentless creator of amazing value for others >>>

  3. Create an exciting big, clear, bright, vivid and animated mental picture of yourself having already reached your dream. Refresh this mental picture every morning when you wake up.

  4. Be committed to achieving your goals and willing to overcome inevitable obstacles along the way. Motivate yourself to increase your desire to achieve these goals so that quitting will never be an option.

  5. Burn the bridges behind you to make your desire burn even more intensely and inform your powerful subconscious mind that the only way is the way forward.

  6. Surround yourself with various desire boosters: visual motivators, empowering information, visionary people.

  7. Take entrepreneurial action and motivation will follow. Act boldly and learn from feedback as you go. Be inventive, solve problems creatively.

  8. Adopt a positive attitude: think optimistically, believe in yourself, be the first to laugh at your own mistakes, look for a bright side, valuable lessons and opportunities everywhere.

  9. Be energized: be passionate, focus on the inspiring and energizing big picture.

  10. When you are about to reach a desired goal, set a higher goal and create a higher desire in order to stay energized and keep stretching yourself.