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Surround Yourself with Right People

whose presence call for your best


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Vadim Kotelnikov

Cordial relationships with right people

light up your life and inspire your achievements.

Vadim Kotelnikov



Loving Marriage quotes: All stars shine. Yet, when you come closer you find out that none of them fits for life. None... Except one. Vadim Kotelnikov




Surround Yourself with Right People Surround Yourself with Right People: empowering, inspiring, caring, loving, wise, Vadim Kotelnikov




Synergize Diversities

Innovative Thinking

Great people help you to reach your full potential.

Average ones compete with others.
Great ones compete with themselves.

Donít try to get or keep a lot of friends, try to get and keep the right ones.

Ask yourself: What do people around me have me becoming? What to they have me dreaming about? What goals do they have me pursuing?

Surround yourself with people whose presence calls forth your best, who awaken your inner power, take you higher and help you realize your own worth. Find people who have achieved what you want and whose behavior is better than yours, and then follow their lead and learn from them.

Let go of people who give you stress and make you unhappy. Surround yourself with positive people that help you shine both inside and outside.



Pick out caring associates who inspire, empower and encourage you to spread your wings.

If you want to create something very innovative, surround yourself with smart people that you enjoy working with and are not afraid of failing with. Anything is possible, any big dream can be achieved if you surround yourself with passionate teamworkers who share your vision and are able to work both smart and hard.

Loving Marriage

All stars shine, yet, when you come closer, you find out than none of them fits for life... none... Except one!  >>>