If your genius is a sleeping beauty, kiss her!


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  3 Levels of Your Creativity



Extraordinary Thinker

Create an inspiring vision of the great future you want to create and cultivate a burning desire to make it a reality. Stretch yourself! Formulate your daring strategic intent and stretch goals. Have confidence in your breakthrough thinking abilities.  >>>

Learn forward, learn continuously. If you stop learning, you stop creating history and become history. Develop a passion for learning to keep making discoveries.  >>>

Cross-pollinate ideas with wise and creative people. Involve others, especially people who are different from you – they may become catalysts of fresh ideas.


Open your mind to possibilities. Be observant and prepared to make accidental discoveries 24 hours a day, even – and especially – while you’re sleeping>>>

7 Paradoxical Rules of True Success

Think outside the box and outside your mental blocks. Examine assumptions, both conventional and your own. Break them and explore what’s out there.

Never be satisfied with minor improvements; look for radical breakthroughs.

Be optimistic. Don’t think ‘Yes, but’, think ‘Yes, and’.

Look at problems in a whole new way to discover new insights and solutions. Connect the problem with something totally unrelated. Be ridiculous. Throw logic out the window.  >>>

Play simulation games with your breakthrough ideas, build prototypes to take further steps into the unknown and make new discoveries.  >>>

Don’t give up. Your ultimate success largely depends on how you think about failure. In every failure, search for a hidden door to a wiser and brighter future.  >>>


Uncreative Persons: 10 Lack-Ofs



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How to think outside the box



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