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Loving Relationships  

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Interpersonal Love

Loving is not about wanting your loved one to be yours, it is about wanting your loved one to be happy.

Unity of two souls and bodies is a journey to eternity.


If you truly want to understand someone, free yourself from your ego and become the person you want to understand.



Love to be loved, how to love quotes, Vadim Kotelnikov, photogram


Love to be loved

Love life, and life will love you back.

Love all people, and you will be welcomed everywhere.

Love what you do, and success will fall in love with you.






Humorous Song

How To Succeed in Love

Classic success rules applied to relationship building

In very action,
think Win-Win,
And love me deeper than your skin.






Loving Relationships with Your Life

The simplest secret of a happy life: Love breeds love   love life and life will love you back.

Loving Marriage

All stars shine. Yet, when you come closer you find out that none of them fits for life. None... Except one. 



Loving Relationships with Your Work

If you love what you do, there are no difficult tasks, only interesting ones >>>

Love Your Customers

Love for customers is the springhead of the cascade of innovations and the river of revenues >>>

Love your customers and they will love you back Vadim Kotelnikov quotes love breeds love



Passionate Team

Love for each other gives team members strengths and courage, inspires and energizes them, creates an atmosphere of trust, enhances intellectual teamwork, cross-pollination of ideas. and team creativity >>>

Passionate Team: love for each other, photogram by Vadim Kotelnikov