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'How To Succeed in Love'

Classic success rules applied to sexual harmony


I want to be with you all night.
Iím sure youíll answer me ĎAll rightí.

Letís go without hesitations.
I hope youíll meet my expectations.

This could be your life changing quest Ė
Just stretch yourself and do your best!





To do your best, create a vision,
Make an empowering decision

And set your goals extremely high.
Visualize that you are mine.

Iím so fed up with all frustrations!
I hope youíll meet my expectations.

Love jokes Passion quotes If you love what you do there are no difficult tasks, only interesting ones Vadim Kotelnikov Dennis

Just be yourself. Abandon fears,
Experiment with wild ideas.

In very action, think ĎWin-Winí,
And love me deeper than your skin.

Be brave and yield to all temptations.
And you will meet my expectations!

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