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Participation in governmental meetings is dangerous for life they can bore you to death... More

Success Jokes

Everyone can change the world. Fortunately, 99% of people don't believe they can... More

Rich men think they own money. Money thinks it owns rich men. Both are right.  >>>



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Funny picture "Would You 'Like' Me?" Vadim Kotelnikov

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  Jopkes about Social Networks, Facebook, Humor, 'Like' emerged as the hardest currency, Vadim KotelnikovBe Different jokes, try new things, humorous advice, Vadim Kotelnikov, go to sleep, safety






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A humorous shelfie

Business and Innovation Jokes

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A Disruptive innovation can make anyone a millionaire ‒ provided he was a billionaire before.


10 Humorous Tips on How To Prevent Innovation
Putting Roots Down in Your Organization

❸ For proactive innovations, establish a '30-minute rule': for the first 30 minutes after an idea is expressed only negative comments can be made... More



A Funny Example of a Lean Value Chain





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