How to promote you, your brand and website through social media sites?

Above all, LOVE to be 'liked'

While creating the next post,
don't ask yourself "What message should I send to get more 'likes'?", instead ask yourself "What message should I send to get my readers feel loved?"

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 Top 10 Tips KoRe 10 Tips for Social Media Marketing (SMM)

How to make the most out of your social media marketing strategy



Social Media Marketing SMM Yin and Yang strategies  

Prepare your marketing materials in a way that makes reading or talking about your brand entertaining, fascinating, and newsworthy. Learn from successful marketing strategies of your competitors and other great social media marketers, but don't mimic them ─ be your unique creative self!




Provide people with content that interesting, not just promotional. Create attractive headlines using the Motives-Flash-Bait (MFB) formula. Illustrate your text with impactful images.

  Content Marketing guidelines



Stay consistent with your core marketing message, but diversify your content, mix it up, create a social content cocktail to achieve more traffic, engagement and  conversions from your social channels.


Love To Be 'Liked'

Amaze Your Audience!














Engage people, create a true community. Interact with your followers and fans.


AMAZE your readers to STAND OUT from the competition. Design your content and marketing activities in such a way that it will give people an opportunity to talk about your product or service


Show that you are accessible by allowing people to ask questions and voice concerns.


Address issues in a professional manner. When you comment on others' posts, keep your comments short and to the point.



Don't strive to be a star, strive to be the Sun! Help others succeed and thrive almost every your fan is primarily a great fan of him- or herself.  >>   Innompic Games  


Cultivate opinion leaders and get them to spread information about your product or service to others in their communities


Remember that social media is first of all social. Don't use social media platforms to hard sell anyone. Abandon the "push" mentality as it's the quickest way to get unliked, unfollowed, and untrusted.