How To Create a Great Customer-focused Website

Clarify your website's purpose. Start with asking yourself “Why do I need a website?” and list major desired benefits you want to get from your website. Set smart and measurable goals. For instance, your goals could be to improve brand awareness and brand appeal, increase sales, generate more leads, increase conversion rates, or reduce overhead... More

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing (SEM)

Optimize your site and individual pages for your target audience, not for the search engines... More

How To Promote Your Website

Create and publish something that generates buzz.... More

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts help your website obtain high-value external links from high-ranked websites and thus enhance ranking of your own website.  >>  Examples

Customer Engagement

 ① Define an effective social media policy and ensure that employee posts are kept within this policy and best practices bounds... More




Social Media Marketing (SMM)

No matter what your industry, geographical region, or enterprise size, almost any entrepreneur and business can benefit from social media interactions and marketing... More





Content Marketing

Less content often means more impact;  attractive headlines can work like magic in attracting a lot of readers... More

Attractive Headlines

The importance of headlines can not be over emphasized because headlines is what your potential readers will first come in contact with. Some headlines are a total failure in inducing people to start reading the body matter. Other headlines can work like magic headlines can work like magic in moving people to action and attracting a lot of readers... More

Empathetic Marketing

Internet and social networks opened a new era of empathy marketing. The social web has led to creation of new habits and more personalized needs of customers. It has also humanized the web and paved the way for a more collaborative way of doing business between firms and customers. It created a platform for consumers, marketers and innovators to talk to one another, build relationships, exchange views and ideas... More



Coaching by Example







Internet Marketing as Business

Internet marketing services are in high demand. There are many opportunities in this field as some businesses rather pay someone to do their online marketing as opposed to doing it themselves.

As the owner of high-ranked websites and a publisher, I am dealing primarily with Internet marketers specializing in article marketing and freelance writing. They approach me with proposals to publish some guest posts linked to the websites of their clients.  >>  Examples