Attractive Headline

How To Get Internet Surfers Interested in Your Content

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Top 10 Tips Top 10 Tips

Understand key drivers of your targeted web surfers and
use words that attract their attention



Examples of attractive words to use



Secrets  ●  Little Known Ways   Intriguing



Enjoy   Amazing   You Will Be Proud Of



Discover    Grab    Now You Can



Master Plan  ●  Strong   Succeed Like



3 Reasons Why  ●  Insight  ●  A Method To


Knowing How

How To  ●  How I Made  ●  What Leaders Do



Tips   The Key To   A Quick Way To



Get Rid Of   Proven    Whose Fault When



Danger Of   Warning   Donít Miss



Hot Topic  ●  Insightful News  ●  Stunning



A structure of a compelling e-mail / newsletter title:

Who:  Champions / Top performers / Leaders

What:  succeed / achieve / win / earn 10x more

How:  because... / learn how / 3 secrets

An example of a compelling title:

Champions Win Because ...




The Importance of Headlines

You create and post online valuable content. Thatís great! But you must also create an appealing headline if you want your premium content to be read by people surfing through social networks or Internet search results. The headline is what gets the readerís attention and makes people want to read your article.

The importance of headlines can not be over emphasized because headlines is what your potential readers will first come in contact with. Some headlines are a total failure in inducing people to start reading the body matter. Other headlines can work like magic in moving people to action and attracting a lot of readers. If your headline is well crafted, it will bring the potential reader to your content and if not, they will just skip it because there are plenty more appealing headlines all around.

Two Principal Attributes of Good Headlines

To be effective, a headline must contain a strong promise that reading the content will be rewarding for the visitor.

Victor Schwab, one of the sharpest copywriters in the world, suggests that good headlines should have the following two principal attributes:

  1. They select, from the total readership of the publication, those readers who are (or can be induced to be) interested in the subject.

  2. They promise them a worthwhile reward for reading it.

Victor Schwab gives the following analogy: "The headline is like a flag being held by up by a flagman alongside a railroad track. He is using it to try to get the immediate attention of the engineer of an approaching train - so that he can give him some kind of message. The message on the flag must be persuasive enough to compete with all the other destructions. It must capture attention."


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