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Brings both noble joy and high revenues


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White marketing is about a love-driven appeal to noble desires of prospective customers.  >>>




Enjoy both Joy and Financial Rewards

Donít treat Customer as the object of marketing, Treat Customer as the one who, if pleased, pays your salary and bonuses, and, if excited, brings you joy and inspiration.  >>>

White marketing is about appealing to the white forces in people's heart and mind in a creative way ‒ as soon as you can distinguish between white and dark fighters in your own heart and mind. Fortunately, they are easy to distinguish: the white fighters are those who are driven by unconditional love towards others and a burning desire to make them happier.



Empathetic Marketing

Creating a great emotional relationship with consumers and engaging them emotionally is the true magic behind building successful brands.

Marketing strategies based on good understanding of core emotional drivers of consumers will not only lead to a better connection between the customer and your company, but also to deeper and longer-term satisfaction for everyone involved... More 


Love-driven Selling

First, don't push, pull. Listen to your customers, ask empathetic questions, and strive to understand which solution would benefit them most.