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Love Your Audience

Love your audience if you want your images to have a soul-deep impact on them. Be obsessed about creating outstanding value for others. Your audience will feel your love towards them intuitively and will love what you create for them. Love breeds love.


Be a HOSTer

Help Others Succeed and Thrive!

Put your dear ones your audience in the most wonderful place − your prayers. Any activity including creation of impactful images for the benefit of others and/or the world is a prayer in action.




Speak from your soul, and every soul will open up and respond, Vadim Kotelnikov inspirational quotes


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Inspire Emotions

Invoke an emotional response from the viewer. Your audience may easily forget the text, but they will remember how you made them feel.

Besides, emotional images stimulate the mind about 3,000 times faster than rational ones.

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Image-Text Synergy

The text should work with your images for overall appeal. The best impact is achieved when pictures meet words and reinforce each other.




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Add Some Humor

Humor creates great and lasting impact. People remember an image better when they perceive it as humorous.

Witty persons who make people  laugh succeed because laughter creates joy and helps connect with people.

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Keep growing!




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If you stop learning, you stop creating history and become history.

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