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Presentation that Inspires Change

Help your audience to begin the journey


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Change Leader



Leadership  is about creating powerful human currents moving enthusiastically and creatively in the right direction.

As a change leader you must know how to make presentations that inspire change.



Presentation that Inspires Change, how to make a great prosentation of an innovation, Vadim Kotelnikov advice  

You'll need this competence when you want t sell your idea to decision makers, create customers for your radical innovation or to inspire your team to change the status quo.





KoRe 10 Tips





Vadim Kotelnikov quotes Change-Leadership Perpetuum Mobile: Change creates Leaders, Leaders create Change


Create a visionary, and appealing title: evoke concern, provoke curiosity, ad contrast and urgency, promise an interesting solution and great benefits.

Make your audience feel you are reading their minds and emotions. Empathize with them, know their needs, desires and expectations.



Team-based Skills of a Project Leader
While developing your team and mastering teamwork, you'll need to hold regular team meetings so that team members can monitor progress and solve problems as they arise. You may also want to focus on your team skills, such as:
Build a star team, not a team of stars
Inspire team members, unite them around a shared goal
Play simulation games with project implementation strategies in order to achieve more, reduce risks and enhance teamwork
Energize team members, make everybody a team player
Motivate, communicate and coach with an objective to enhance teamwork
Hold all-inclusive meetings, encourage contributions from team members
Empathize with teammates, listen actively
Provide constructive feedback
Facilitate intellectual teamwork and team creativity, especially mutual creativity
Make teamwork fun, integrate fun activities into appropriate group sessions
Encourage team decisions, delegate some decision making authority to challenge-focused sub-teams
Resolve conflicts amicably, solve people problems in a win-win way
Recognize accomplishments, celebrate small and big victories

Value innovation is an innopreneurial way to tell customers, 'I love you!'

Find the Right Balance In Your Mind, Your Body, Your Life, and Your Business
Companies Invest In Cleaner Processes, Systems, Production Technologies and Design Methods because they:
Market Leadership Objectives
desire to strengthen technical and → innovative capacity and develop new areas of business competency
want to retain environmentally-responsible customers and expand to new markets
want to position themselves as → market leaders and → innovators
want to change or improve the market image of the company
Risk Management Objectives
want to prevent risks (to anticipate the changing regulatory and market context rather than to react to changes as they are upon them)
recognize the emergence of a new business paradigm and a new competitive terrain
desire to influence the direction of regulations and legislation
Social Responsibility, Health & Safety Objectives
desire to act responsibly
want to → improve health and safety conditions

INNOBALL is Easy To Play
INNOBALL is easy to play. All you need is a desire to change something and an idea of the first step. Anticipate the challenges you will face having made the first step. Address the most impactful challenge – turn it to an opportunity. Pursue the opportunity – make your second move and anticipate new challenges you would encounter. And so on.

Be passionate and persistent about managing cross-cultural differences, building trust, and leveraging diversity – creatively.
Respect and admire the diversity of views, approaches and ideas. See it as a valuable asset and a precious source of collective wisdom and creativity.
Love to learn about different cultures and build your cultural intelligence. Yet don’t use generalizations about other cultures to stereotype. Use them to understand better perceptions, motives and behaviors of individuals and groups.
Treat people first and foremost as individuals – unique human beings that may be influenced by their cultural norms to some extent.
Always remember that an honest and friendly way of dealing with cultural differences is vital for effective cross-cultural communication and collaboration.
Honor others' opinions about what is going on both strategically and tactically. Do your best to understand different perceptions of the same reality. Put yourself in the other person's shoes and look at the situation through his/her cultural lens.
To build trust and rapport, be empathetic and communicate in the other person’s preferred mode.
Suspend judgment. Don’t search for who should be blamed, search jointly for ways to make things better.
Take note of any interpersonal imbalances and work jointly to solve problems and build synergies.
Inspire and practice creative multicultural collaboration.

INNOBALL: Keep Strengthening Your Business Model
Innovative Business Model and Strategic Design Thinking
You can use any template to draw the initial design of the business model that is to convert your invention into a profitable venture. What's important for success of your venture is not to stop here. Take the next, far more important step – play a simulation game, like Innoball, with your initial business model to make it much stronger and discover most promising routes to much greater success. Use your template-based business model as the starting point, not the final business design. Any innovation journey is about venturing into an unknown territory full of enemies and opportunities. You discover many of these challenges and opportunities while you simulate your innovation journey. Having discovered them, ask learning SWOT questions, strengthen your business model according to your next-level strategic decisions, and proceed further to discover further challenges and opportunities.
Stop playing the simulation game when you feel your strategic thinking and strategic creativity are slowing down. Summarize the results of the simulation game of the Day 1 and sleep on them. Let your subconscious mind take over and generate brilliant strategic ideas that will wake you up.
Resume playing the simulation game with these new strategic ideas. You will come out with a much-much stronger business model and entrepreneurial implementation strategies by the end of the Day 2.
Start implementing your innovation project and play a new simulation game every time you reach the next milestone of your innovation journey.

Актерское раскрытие образа

Союз светлых сил России (СССР)
Страна и режим - не синонимы, а антонимы.

Artistic Story Telling

Как говорил с детства любимый Даниил Хармс, "кто хочет что-нибудь особенного, то я спою не хуже Собинова". А Катя - не хуже, чем Бейонсе.
А вместе - не хуже, чем Аль Бано и Ромина Пауэр.
А вообще, это видео для тех, кто не смог посмотреть мюзикл "Всё о Золушке", и тех, кто смог, но хочет освежить его фрагменты в памяти.

Shared values, heritage and experiences that shape perceptions and behaviors.

Outside-the-Box Marketing
Blue-Ocean Marketing
Clarifies the current position and what to do next
Be optimstic! Dark times are when stars can be seen. Dark places are where seeds of flowers are planted.

Simulation Games
Creative Marketing - FEEE

The University of Michigan Medical School was one of the first places to use virtual microscopy for teaching students about normal tissue morphology, a field called histology.

The U-M histology teaching team digitized hundreds of slides from the U-M collection for use by the university’s medical and dental students. Later, these images were made freely accessible online on the U-M’s histology website and “Histology Lite – SecondLook™,” a free mobile app.







KoRe 10 Tips

for Making a Presentation that Inspires Change

❶ Create a visionary, and appealing title: evoke concern, provoke curiosity, ad contrast and urgency, promise an interesting solution and great benefits.

❷ Make your audience feel you are reading their minds and emotions. Empathize with them, know their needs, desires and expectations.

❸ Start your presentation in an unorthodox way, share something extraordinary, tell an eye-opening story. Communicate with pictures to increase your influence over your audience.




❹ Paint the big picture for your audience. Use both your rich experience and research results to formulate your thesis statement.

❺ Laser focus your presentation toward the desired outcome you want to achieve.

❻ Create new burning desires. Explain the potential problems with maintaining the 'status quo‘ and nurture creative dissatisfaction with it.

❼ Take your audience on an incredible journey and inspire them to want to take a risk and do something new. Show how they can be rewarded by doing this.

❽ Showcase before-and-after success stories to help your audience to see the importance of change and not fear the transformation process and results.

❾ Guide the audience into the desired action steps you want them to take. Don’t expect them know what to do next – help them to begin the journey.

❿ Engage the audience, ask for the their ideas ‒ let the change become their baby.


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Let your passion show and increase the impact of your message.
Passion is a trait that separates impactful presenters from others. People feel compelled to listen to passionate presenters and give them their undivided attention.

Vadim Kotelnikov advice How To Make Great Presentations Present with Passion





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