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Presentation that Inspires Change



Leadership is about creating powerful human currents
enthusiastically and creatively in the right direction.



Presentation that Inspires Change, how to make a great prosentation of an innovation, Vadim Kotelnikov advice





KoRe 10 Tips

for Making a Presentation that Inspires Change

❶ Create a visionary, and appealing title: evoke concern, provoke curiosity, ad contrast and urgency, promise an interesting solution and great benefits.

❷ Make your audience feel you are reading their minds and emotions. Empathize with them, know their needs, desires and expectations.

❸ Start your presentation in an unorthodox way, share something extraordinary, tell an eye-opening story. Communicate with pictures to increase your influence over your audience.

❹ Paint the big picture for your audience. Use both your rich experience and research results to formulate your thesis statement.

❺ Laser focus your presentation toward the desired outcome you want to achieve.

❻ Create new burning desires. Explain the potential problems with maintaining the 'status quo‘ and nurture creative dissatisfaction with it.

❼ Take your audience on an incredible journey and inspire them to want to take a risk and do something new. Show how they can be rewarded by doing this.

❽ Showcase before-and-after success stories to help your audience to see the importance of change and not fear the transformation process and results.

❾ Guide the audience into the desired action steps you want them to take. Don’t expect them know what to do next – help them to begin the journey.

❿ Engage the audience, ask for the their ideas ‒ let the change become their baby.