Dare To Fly!

Entrepreneurial risk is a just an easy choice between fear of falling down and a chance to take off.

Achieve impossible!

To crawl or to fly is not just a one-time choice, it's a life-long choice.

Entrepreneurial risk is a just and easy choice between fear of falling down and a chance to take off. Vadim Kotelnikov quotes


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A hero is an ordinary individual who has courage to take risk, finds strength to persevere in spite of overwhelming obstacles, doesn't give up, and ultimately achieves impossible!

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Be brave and proactive
life is too short to waste it on fears and procrastination.
Encourage yourself to take a noble risk if you want to grow and achieve success. Don't be afraid to take a noble risk, be afraid not to be brave enough to take a noble risk.

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Risk is associated with a step into the unknown.  Any creation, innovation, growth, development and change is a step into the unknown. Play a simulation game to anticipate challenges and invent victorious strategies.

INNOBALL Simulation Game

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Believe in yourself and your unlimited capabilities. Prepare to win wisely, prevent stupid failure, but don't be afraid of the possibility of noble failures.

See yourself as a victor and approach impossible as possible.

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Outstanding innovators succeed by breaking rules.

Break the rules to see what's behind the walls and create springboards for fresh ideas and further entrepreneurial actions.

Innovative Entrepreneur

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The first step towards your objective is always a correct move. Whether it's lucky or not, it's the biggest step forward.  >>>

Jump in, do a lot of experiments and learn from feedback, including failures.

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Don't focus on problems, focus on opportunities. Treat every challenge, problem and failure as an opportunity to learn, emerge stronger and grow.

Great Problem Solver

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