Create change! Everything can and should be taken to the next level. Why not by you?  >>>


3 levels of Change Management, Vadim Kotelnikov Dennis



  Surprise To Win


New Survival and Market Leadership Strategies

Change creates opportunities, but only for those who recognize and seize them. In today's tidal wave of global economic, technological, and social change, you need to switch from management to leadership and manage change. You must master strategic flexibility, empower people, build trust and drive out fear of experimentation with new ideas and opportunities if you are going to withstand relentless and constantly growing global competition.

  • Smart ones recognize change.

  • Smarter ones anticipate change.

  • Smartest ones create change.

Anticipate Change

Anticipation means expecting, being aware of something in advance, to regard it as possible. The ability to anticipate is one of the key ingredients of efficient speed and change management.  >>>

Create Change

Discovering and seizing an opportunity is not enough.

Fighting a deep-rooted reality when you want to change something is like trying to demolish a concrete wall with bare hands. Instead, build an eye-opening new model that attracts people like a magnet and urges them to abandon their obsolete habits.  >>>

Experiment with various options, ask learning SWOT questions, adapt strategies and keep innovating this way. Simulation games, such as Innovation Football, are to help you prepare to win and exceed the initially desired results.  >>>