All too often
we have to fight a stronger opponent.

Wars and sports
are just
some examples.

We are to “fight a Goliath” when we want to

make a big change,

break through the red tape”,

achieve a stretch goal,

create a radical innovation,

enter a new market,

survive against a large competitor,

and in many other diverse areas of life and business.

How To Win Wisely, learn from David, Vadim Kotelnikov quotes






Believe and Commit

Above all, believe in yourself, your smartness and ability to win wisely. Commit fully to a defined objective, and adopt a firm ‘Can-Do’ attitude >>>

Know Strength and Weaknesses of Your Enemy

Do a research. Everyone has weaknesses. Even epic heroes, like Samson and Achilles, had a hidden weakness each and were ultimately defeated. To know your enemy, become your enemy. Play simulation games, like Innovation Football, to learn to think for your enemy and prepare multiple, powerful counter-attacks.

Choose the Right Weapon

Choose right weapons and do the unexpected. Learn from David: if a Goliath attacks you, evade fighting in his style, conquer him with a weapon you know perfectly and he is defenseless against.

Mislead and Surprise

Give the enemy a wrong idea of where to attack, and no idea of where to defend. Do the unexpected and surprise to win. Take indirect routes to your objectives.

Achieve More with Less

Use 80/20 Principle to achieve more with less – work out where 20% of effort can lead to 80% of results. During the battle, don’t pursue every available opportunity. Pursue those opportunities only where you can leverage your strengths to yield optimum results with minimal effort.







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