BE DARING Why and How

Being daring means to be adventurous and audaciously bold.

Dare to live!

Dare to make a difference!

Dare to achieve impossible!

Best Change quotes, Vadim Kotelnikov, If you don't changge the World, why do you exist at all?


Dare to Love, Pursue your dream, Male a Difference, Planet of Loving Creators, Vadim Kotelnikov advice  

Dream big dreams (example),
commit to your true passion,
be daring – and you will learn to fly!

The only three things you need to change the World are vision, passion, and action (example).




Dare to ask "Why?" questions to discover hidden problems. Dare to be different to ask "What If?" questions, invent unusual solutions, and break rules.

Dare to start doing something impossible, and you'll be amazed at your disruptive thinking capabilities.

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Vadim Kotelnikov

Dare to beak rules − wisely. Problems emerge to help you get stronger, not weaker. Life challenges emerge to help you get better, not bitter.

Vadim Kotelnikov

Ksenyia Kotelnikova, Miss Innovation World award winner Innompic Planet of Loving Creators

Always do your best – wonderful rewards will follow!

Ksenya Kotelnikova

Dennis Kotelnikov, Russian actor and singer, Mister Innovation award winner, Innompic Planet of Loving Creators

Everyone can be amasingly creative and innovative. All you need is passion, courage and a burning desire to stretch yourself in all dimensions.

Dennis Kotelnikov


Vadim Kotelnikov

Dare to challenge assumptions, defy convention and break rules  – the best solutions are not in the outside world, they are inside yourself.

Vadim Kotelnikov




Don't be attached to the earthly routine, be attached to your divine mission.
Can-Do Attitude: Examples (one-leg, IG)

How To Be Daring: 7 Steps
* Dare to make a difference, have a burning belief in yourself, and nurture a burning desire to achieve impossible
* Formulate a bold vision, an inspiring strategic intent, and stretch goals
* Dare to challenge assumptions, defy convention and break rules
* Develop a boundary-pushing concept and be determined to achieve success as you define it
* See failures as precious feedback and opportunities to grow stronger
* Take noble risk (1st step)
* Follow the virtuous spiral of achievement: take entrepreneurial action, ask learning SWOT questions, adjust your, move to the next spiral coil

When you create radical innovations, dare to break man-made rules, but stay in harmony with the Universal Laws.
To keep winning, you must know when to attack and when to adapt, when to move and when to stay still, when to stand out and when to fit in, when to be hard and when to be soft.
To harmonize yourself with the Universal Laws, you must adapt, stay still, fit in, and be soft.

3 Universal Laws to Adhere in Life and Business / 3 Universal Laws to Abide By

INNOPRENEURSHIP and the 3 Universal Laws
SUCCESS (passion,
LIFE (passion, love all people

Loving Creator
If you really want to take care of something, love it. If you really want to take care of everything, love everything.
Love is a master key to happy life and outstanding work.
Shared love multiplies: if you give love you get love back.


Differentiation Failure Story: Google+

Поннятно, что у нас всё - через задницу, а то, что задница обычно оказывается сверху, так это - классическая поза.

If you don't know where you're going, then you are unlikely to get there.

IGics Инномпика

Innovation Science INNOMPIOLOGY - how to create harmonious megainnovations and civilizationals breakthroughs

Civilizational breakthrough is a radical, harmonious, holistic World-changing innovation that creates a lasting civil impact and causes a global paradigm shift.

Strategically, brainstilling is far more productive than brainstorming because it helps you to see the big picture and anticipate the future.

SPOKEN INNOVATION / Artfully Narrated and Presented Innovation Purpose, Essense and Journey (similar to 'Spoken Words')
Какой твой любимый фильм? Сколько раз ты его смотрел? А сколько раз читал его сценарий?
Изобретение подобно сценарию - по нему ещё нужно создать увлекательное шоу и преподнести его зрителю так, чтобы оно ему, понравилось.
What is your favorite movive? How many times did you watch it? And how many times have you read its script?
We watch a favourite movie again and again, yet we never read its script.
An invention is like a sctipt - it needs to be developed into an exciting show spectators would love.
A disruptive content needs to be delivered impactfully if you want to win supporters easier and faster.
Spoken innovation is a performance artskill that is aimed at cteating a greater impact by synergizing the content and its delivery. The delivery artskils may include scenario writing, presentation design, story telling, intonations, emotions, metaphors, gestures, and visuals.

Although spoken innovation may include a brief description of an invention, it is different from written descriptions in that how it sounds and looks is the main component.

The ‘spoken innovation' format increases the opportunities for innovators manifold.
Spoken innovation provides a platform to innovators where they become performers, take the lead role, and narrate the story of their innovation journey.

Spoken innovation contests, such Ms/Mr Innovation World, Witty Innovator, Actress/Actor contests at Inmompic Games, are a challenge-based learning that helps innovators to prove themselves as good performers too. This is a very important artskill* of an innovator because the ability to make a good first impression or to deliver an impactful idea or venture presentation is critical to entrepreneurial success.

The term 'design' is used to describe various business activities now because the role of art is growing in the moden creativity-driven economy.
DESIGN encompasses everything from innovative value creation and marketing through business design and strategy innovation.
Design Leadership

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Holistic creativity is a big-picture systems approach to inventing, synergizing, designing and producing complex innovative value.
---Target Output---
6Ws are assembled and synergized
5 Basic Elements are harmonised
The Wheel is balanced
*** Where***
Life Design
Business Design
Synergistic Innovation 360
Creative solving of complex problems
Yin and Yang: Outside-In and Inside-Out
Subconscious; Intuition; Listen to the Universe
5 Basic Elements;
6Ws of IG & Spoken Innovation
Innovation A-to-Z/360
The Art of Innovation
Creation Show
sMusical-Inn 'SR&J'
The Tree of Strategies; Business Case; Business Design; Business Model;
***Quote from***
Holistic Creativity is a new, comprehensive approach to Creativity. It’s a complete system that provides a transformational path to inspired productivity and creative fulfillment. The system synthesizes what you already know with Design Thinking, cutting-edge Psychology & Neuroscience, and ancient techniques for Mindfulness & self-awareness.
Holistic Creativity can support you whether you are analyzing a creative challenge, diagnosing a troublesome block, creating original ideas or content, developing an approach, refining a technique, producing and distributing finished creative work, or harnessing Creativity to advance your initiatives.

Какой твой любимый фильм? Сколько раз ты его смотрел? А сколько раз читал его сценарий?
Изобретение подобно сценарию - по нему ещё нужно создать увлекательное шоу и преподнести его зрителю так, чтобы оно ему, понравилось.
What is your favorite movive? How many times did you watch it? And how many times have you read its script?


For instance, at INNOMPIC GAMES that practice and preach a holistic approach to Innovation A-to-Z/360 cross-functional teams are nurtured in a highly effective way.

Iterative and Balanced Innovation Journey
A successful iterative innovation journey starts with a balanced brainstilling-brainstorming strategic creativity session and continues as a sequence of balanced Yin-Yang steps.
Keep in mind that the main know-how of talented people is knowing how to listen to the Universe, to the Mother Nature, to oneself and to other people, especially customer feedback.
To be able to create something GREAT, you must listen first to discover the messages the Universe is sending through you, your inner creative voices, and the hidden needs of your target audience.
This is the Yin (receptive) step of an experimental creation journey.
The Yin step is to be followed by a Yang step – inventive thinking and a creative action. Break rules and experiment with your outside-the-box ideas to explore a new world that is hidden behind the walls of the obvious.
Never forget though that you move forward much faster when you stop to listen and to think, whenever possible in a relaxing wild-narture environment or in holly places. This means than the Yin-Yang balance should be maintained throughout your creative innovation journey. Having made an experimental creative step, stop to analyse the feedback and listen to your intuition and further guidance from inside and outside yourself. Then proceed to the next balanced pair of Yin-Yang steps.

Business Model
Business model is a broad-stroke picture of how an innovative concept will create great innovative value  for the ultimate user as well as economic value for the firm and its shareholders and partners.
Systemic Innovation
Modern innovation is systemic. In many cases the innovation rests not in the technology or product or service, but in the business models itself.
In the new era of unrelenting change, hyper-competition and challenging business environment where customer loyalty is fading and business models have shorter shelf life your face a daunting challenge: how to sustain the business model of your firm. No matter how successful it was so far, it will be challenged by new business models.
Business Model Innovation
You must keep reinventing your business and reassess your business model periodically if you hope to survive and grow.
Strive for competitive innovation and competitive differentiation. Invent new ways of creating customers. Redesign the infrastructure required to move the product/service to the market in a manner that is both easy and convenient for customers and profitable for the firm. And never forget that reality doesn't stand still. Constantly reassess your past decisions and attempt to discover → create and implement new business models and dynamic strategies.