Dream BIG dreams, commit to your true passion,
and you will learn to fly!






Your true passion is your life mission. To become a relentless innovator, love what you do and love your customers. If you love what you do, there are no difficult tasks, only interesting ones. Your inner genius wakes up and starts whispering when you do your creative work passionately. Love for customers is the springhead of a cascade of innovations and a river of revenues. Love your customers, and they will love you back.

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Be a Confident Visionary


Create an inspiring vision of the desired future that will guide and motivate you,

Keep your vision in your mind when you create smaller parts.

Believe in yourself and your mission because your burning belief is the bridge between impossible and possible.

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Be a Proactive Venturepreneur


Disruptive innovators invent and develop new-to-the-world products proactively,  create new markets and new customer needs, and take as much gold as they can carry. Others follow and compete for whatever is left.

Visualize the new market niche you want to create and start moving. The first step is always the biggest step towards your vision. Every step up will open new horizons.

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Be a Relentless Value Innovator


Value innovation is an exciting non-stop race where your main competitor is yourself.

Every day, strive to get better than you were yesterday in what you are, what you can do, and what value you create for others.

Don't aim to be a "star", aim to be a generous and invaluable sun that illuminates, feeds and warms everything around it.

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Be a Creative Strategist


Use the iterative 3Bs approach to strategic creativity: Brainstill, Barainstorm, Brainstill. First, Brainstill to visualise the big picture of the desired future your want to create. Then Brainstorm to invent strategies that are to help you to achieve the desired future state. Afterwards, Brainstill again to see if these strategies would really lead you to your vision. Repeat the 3Bs strategic creativity process if you are not satisfied with the results.

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Be a Proactive Radical Innovator


Keep stretching yourself and your business, be a proactive radical innovator. It is only by striving to achieve impossible that you can unlock your unlimited inner capabilities, spread your wings and take off.

See yourself as a daring victor, yet prepare to win wisely. Play Innoball INNOBAL simulation game with your crazy ideas, breakthrough inventions, and promising opportunities to anticipate challenges, come up with breakthrough solutions to them, grow stronger, and, ultimately, achieve far beyond your initial aspirations.


Example: NPD Co.

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Innompic Games

INNOMPIC GAMES is my venturepreneurial flight. It is a civilizational breakthrough that turns the Earth to the Planet of Loving Creators. IG is a relentless trend setter and  the World's #1 in target areas.


 Innompic Planet of Loving Creators proactive mega-innovation by Vadim KotelnikovWorld's #1 innovation Innompic Games market leaderTrend Setter Innompic Games proactive innovationVenturepreneurial Flight of Vadim KOtelnikov: INNOMPIC GAMES, IG Way

Be persistent strategically, yet flexible tactically.
Balance Yin and Yang entrepreneurial strategies dynamically. Stay strategically focused on your vision. Create positive strategic change proactively, yet be ready to adapt your tactics to constantly changing environment.
Your strategic flexibility is your balancing pole that will help you to achieve your stretch goals.
LEARN as you go.
Radical innovation is surpise fruit tree.
When you are on a radical innovation journey, every step forward is an experimental step into the unknown to be learned from. Ask learning SWOT question after every strategic experiment to discover the ways to get sronger and closer to your daring vision.
Always keep in mind that if you stop learning you stop creating history and become history. Keep learning ro keep growing.
Have a great, creative and joyful venturepreneurial flight!




See Yourself as a Victor

Losers approach possible as impossible. Victors approach impossible as possible.

Learn as you go. Everything becomes a gift as soon as you decide to benefit from every experience.

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Win Wisely

Any disruption creates enemies. Choose weapons your mighty enemies are defenseless against.

Learn from Mother Nature. For instance, is a concrete wall blocks your way, don't try to demolish it − flow around it, like water >>>

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Prepare To Win

Any creation, innovation, growth, development and change is a step into the unknown. Play a simulation game, like INNOBALL, to anticipate challenges and invent victorious strategies.  >>>

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Act on Your Big Dream

Be brave! Don't sit on your dream start moving! Every step up will open new horizons!

Everything becomes a gift as soon as you decide to benefit from every experience.

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Take Noble Risk

Entrepreneurial risk is a just an easy choice between fear of falling down and a chance to take off.

To crawl or to fly is not just a one-time choice, it's a life-long choice.  >>>

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Believe in Yourself

Above all, believe in yourself, your smartness and your ability to win.

Your burning belief is the jumping pole that vaults you from doing the difficult to doing the impossible!

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