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SPIN Spiral Integration of Ideas


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SPIN - Spiral Integration of Ideas - value-added brainstorming, Vadim Kotelnikov



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Five Main Benefits of Spiral Integration of Ideas

  1. Utilizes each idea’s greatest value to enhance the value of other ideas.

  2. Builds both horizontal and vertical synergies among diverse ideas.

  3. Engages subconscious mind that works millions of times faster.

  4. Manages individual competitiveness so it doesn’t create barriers caused by one person trying to top others all the time.

  5. Facilitates social interaction, cross-pollination of ideas, group creativity and intellectual teamwork.

Main Areas of Application

Business innovation, development of innovative business models and strategies, value innovation, competitive innovation, creative solving of complex problems, enhancement of group creativity and entrepreneurial creativity of innovation teams, business games.

How To Run a SPIN Session

  1. Describe the problem or the desired result.

  2. Let each member of the group silently write down a creative solution.

  3. Pick a core idea and combine it with other ideas one by one.

  4. Pick a different creative solution as the core idea and combine it with other ideas one by one in a completely different order.

  5. Take a break for about 20 minutes, let people relax mentally so that their subconscious mind switches on and generates greater solutions.

  6. Ask each member of the group to write down a value added idea.

  7. Repeat the idea integration process with the second-thought creative solutions.

  8. Take another break to let the group members relax mentally and take a helicopter view of the all solutions generated.

  9. Evaluate the ideas and integrated solutions to select the highest-value ones.

  10. Create the final solution by integrating all the inputs in the most effective way.



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